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What is the current interest rate for auto finance?


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Auto finance interest rates vary, but the current interest rate is generally between six and nine percent.


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It depends on your credit rating. If you have an excellent credit rating then you will be able to get a low rate from HSBC auto finance. If you have a lower credit rating your interest rate will be higher.

Effect of interest rate on consumer finance?

HSBC Auto offers auto loans to customers with poor credit. The firm was founded in 1995. The average interest rate on HSBC Auto loans is between 20 and 28 percent.

At the Tucson,AZ Tucson Bank you can secure a low rate car finance loan. Visit their website to view the current car finance interest rate deals available.

Interest rates matter when looking to finance auto purchases. When you apply for an auto loan, the lender will charge an interest rate for the loan that is based on a number of factors. The amount of the down payment, the credit score of the borrower and the length of the loan all factor in to the rate you will receive for your loan. To get the best interest rates, pay a larger down payment and maintain a strong credit profile and score. Shop around to receive the best interest rates for your loan. When looking to finance auto purchases, get the best interest rate possible.

The current LIBOR interest rates can be found by contacting branches of banks and finance companies in Great Britain as these interest rates relate to the London money markets.

The auto finance calculator can be found online at The auto finance calculator helps you calculate how much would you would have to pay monthly based on the amount of loan, the interest rate and the down payment you wish to put in.

Current interest rate data can be found in your bank or on trading sites. The New York Times, and other newspapers will also have it in their finance section.

Current interest rates are at historical lows. If you purchased your vehicle more than two years ago and currently have a high interest rate refinancing may lower your rate.

Auto loan rates vary depending on how long one takes to pay off the car and whether it is new or used. For a 60-month new car, the interest rate is 4.1%. For a 48-month new car, the interest rate is 4.02%. For a 36-month used car, the interest rate is 4.69%.

You ca refinance your auto with a better interest rate at Another good site is

The current prime interest rate in Canada is 3.00%, which is pretty low compared to that of other countries. For example, the interest rate in the U.S. is 3.25%.

A good auto refinance interest rate is about 3.00%. You can find the best rates at or

The current PF interest rate if 8% Starting April 2012, the rate of interest will be 8.25%

continuation of question that would be the maximum interest rate that a finance co can charge in the year 2011.

You can find information about the average credit card interest rate online at websites such as Bankrate and My Credit Union. You can find information on how to lower your current credit card interest rates at the Daily Finance website.

To apply for a car loan at a low interest rate you can go to CIBC, TD Canada Trust, The Approval Centre, Credit Talk, Chase Auto Finance, and Car Loans Canada.

A variable interest rate on a current bank account would imply that the interest rate fluctuates over time. Market conditions will determine the value of the interest earned.

The current yearly rate comes out to be 7.2 percent.

Please provide a specific country or region for which you have interest in the current interest rates as the answer differs accordingly.

"The current interest rate in the United Kingdom is 0.05%. Santander, a Spanish bank purchased Abbey in 2004. The current standard interest rate on a personal loan is 7.4% APR."

finance charge - This is the one time fees that the bank may charge for processing your loan Interest rate - This is the rate at which you must pay the bank interest for availing the loan during the loan tenure. Ex: Assuming you take a Rs. 1 lakh loan for 1 year at 10% fixed rate of interest and a 0.5% processing fee/finance charges ==> Monthly payment = 9166.67/- (Out of this Rs. 8333.33 would be principal repayment & Rs. 833.33 would be interest) Finance charges = Rs. 500/-

Barbara Turk Uliss has written: 'Reporting interest rate swaps' -- subject(s): Interest rate futures, Interest rate swaps, Swaps (Finance)

Auto finance and car loan tips to help making car buying easier.'s auto loan calculator estimates your monthly payments, down payments, interest rate.

Try using Bankrate's online auto rate calculator that compares the current loan annual percentage rates from different financial institutions in the area of your choice. Also credit unions often have the lowest interest rates.

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