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What is the current salary of a US Senator?


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The salary in 2011 is $174,000 per annum.

If the Government is serious about saving money then why do we have to pay Senators & Representatives a RETIREMENT for a minimum service of Six years with a salary($36,000 minimum) and medical for life. In 2003 at least 40 of the Senators were already classified as MILLIONS. Like they really need the extra pay. Besides all of the rest of the Senators & Representatives have a fairly well paying job or business back home to go to when they are not re-elected. No company that I know of pays a full retirement for that short of employment. All of these Politicians need to watch the old movie "Mr. Smith goes to Washington" and see what "for the people" means. They should represent the people who elected them and do there bidding and not vote because of personal belief and fellow party members pressure. When all of you talk about cuts I don't here any thing along these lines. Besides, I worked CSRS for 34 years and retired as a GS-7 topped out and don't get $36,000 a year for retirement. Also during that time (34 years) all of the Civil Service Cost Of Living raises did not add up to any where near the HUGE across the board that the Congress gave themselves. So where do we really need to make CUTS to save money. One last thing. Why not make Iran, Iraq and the other to repay the USA there war debts instead of the USA paying to rebuild everything.