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What is the current state of trade between Japan and the US?

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Strong, Japan continus to be one America's largest trading partners. Furthermore, Japanese corportations such as Toyota Motot Company are puring investments into the United States. In 2005, 8.2% of imports in the US came from Japan and 6.1% of export trade was conducted with Japan. The US actually trades more with Japan than any European country, even Germany and the UK.

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What would japan trade to the US during world war 2?

during WW2, there was no trade between Japan and the US

How did trade develop between japan and Europe in the 1500s?

It wasn't pure gangster and swag skill it was japan converted to Christianity and the Europeans started to trade with Japan as a result of them landing on the Japanese islands

What is the current relationship between Afghanistan and the us?

The current relationship between the U.S. and the Middle East is trade and ethnic groups and religions

What did Japan acquire as a result of war between Japan and China in 1894?

D. an exclusive right to trade with China

What is trade within one state known as?

Trade exclusively within a single state is known as intrastate trade. Trade between differing states is known as interstate trade. The prefix "intra" means "within," and the prefix "inter" means "between."

How did the trade develop between japan and Europe?

It was pure gangster and swaqq skill.

How was Buddhism spread through Korea into Japan?

Buddhism was spread from Korean to Japan by trade by the Baekche state during the late 1400s.

What are major differences between modern china and modern japan?

Japan does not place restrictions on religion and reproduction like China does. Japan is a constitutional monarchy, while China is a Communist state. Japan enacted strict trade policies that helped its manufacturers, but that led to a huge real estate bubble.

Japans major exports?

Japan doesn't trade with you, you trade with Japan.

How does the US benefit from a reconstructed Japan?

A big benefit is the trade between the two countries

How is U.S relationship with Japan now?

Yes they have because they have reestablished trade between the two countries.

How do you determine the optimum level of current assets?

a trade off between profitability and risks.

What does Japan trade?

They trade silk and spices

How did trade develop between Japan andd Europe in the 1500s?

They met up and developed trade so one another could trade

How did japan respond to the forced trade with the US and what was the result by 1890's?

Japan did not respond well to the forced trade with the United States and there was a great deal of tension between the two countries as well as conflict.

When was Japan External Trade Organization created?

Japan External Trade Organization was created in 1951.

How did the United States attempt to weaken Japan before World War 2?

By placing trade restrictions on Japan.

What did Japan trade?

They liked to trade silk and spices.

Who started the attacks between Japan and America during World War 2?

well we cut off the trade with japan so they decided to attack us.

What and who did ancient Japan trade with?

With China and Korea. foreign trade was never a major money maker for Japan

Does Shikoku japan have lots of sea trade?

It has to if it wants to trade with other island of japan or any where else.

What is the political risk for Japan nowadays?

The political risk associated with Japan appears to be lessening. Their current account surplus has increased, as has demand for Japanese exports. Trade sanctions also appear to have been relaxed.

Who does Alberta trade with?


What is the trade between two or more states called?

INTER-state commerce. - - - - -

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