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It has to be, 800x600 or 1024x768

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Is resolution the most important factor when choosing an LCD monitor?


How do you repair your monitor when it says it can't display the resolution?

It is most likely not the monitors fault but the resulotion your computer wants it to run

Where can one find a 27 inch 2560x1600 computer monitor?

A computer monitor with a resolution of 2560 x 1600 is great for PC gaming because of the sharpness of the picture. These monitors can be bought at most computer and electronics stores, such as Best Buy.

How can you set up a computer with 2 to 4 video screens?

To enable multiple monitors, your computer must have multiple monitor outputs. These outputs can take many forms (such as VGA or DVI outputs) and your monitor will need to have the same plug type as the output. This may (and most likely) will require that your computer have multiple video cards. If your computer currently uses built in video, to add another monitor, you will need to purchase and install a new video card as well as a new monitor. Windows currently has fairly robust multiple monitor support and after installing the second monitor will most likely autodetect it and "extend" your desktop onto your new monitor.

What is the most common type of computer monitor?

The most common type of computer monitor is the LCD monitor. The brand and size varies however, depending on the user.

Why can't I change my desktop resolution to 1366 x 768?

The most likely possibility is that your monitor might not support that particular resolution. Some monitors can be finicky about the resolution they support. Furthermore, if your monitor is an LCD monitor, you might not actually want it to be at 1366x768 if that is not the monitor's native resolution. LCDs are designed to look best at their native resolution.

Why do you see three screens when i connect my computer monitor to a HDTV?

Most likely the resolution is not set right. Go back to the display properties and change it there. Try again.

What are the benefits of using a flat screen computer monitor?

One of the major benefits of using a flat screen computer monitor is that because of the slim design of most flat screen models, they do not take up very much space, Another benefit of using a flat screen monitor is that the color resolution of the screen is brighter and clearer than older versions of computer monitors.

What computer monitor works well with laptops?

You should purchase the kind which is going to be the most compatible with your laptop. Ensure you have the correct connections. Also consider screen size and resolution.

What is a computer monitor most used for?

A computer monitor is used to display the data and graphics that are stored in your hardware. It controls the contrast, light and display for the computer.

What is the most common output device?

A computer monitor.

What are some of the differences between a computer monitor and an LCD TV monitor?

The main difference between a computer monitor and an LCD TV monitor is the pixel density, which is nearly twice as high on a computer monitor. This is the main reason that a computer monitor is more expensive. In addition, most computer monitors have a 16:10 aspect ratio, while TV monitors have a 16:9 aspect ratio.

What is the difference between a television and a monitor?

Well, when you get to the very basics, there is no difference. In fact, some televisions can even be used as computer monitors now, but most monitors cannot be used as televisions.When not looking at the basics, a monitor typically has a higher resolution, or more pixels.

Why does my computer flicker?

If your computer screen flickers, it is most likely caused by a power cord glitch, a power outlet that doesn't have enough watts to support your computer and CPU, or you need a new graphics card, as the monitor's driver might not support the graphics card currently in your computer. Also, you may need a new monitor-CPU cord to connect your monitor to your CPU.

Will my monitor have a better picture with shorter cables?

A short monitor cable is considered one that is 6', and most users feel shorter cables provide a better resolution.

What is the most common external parts of a computer?

Monitor, keyboard, mouse.

What device has a monitor keyboard and memory?

The most common item is a computer.

Where can one purchase a large computer monitor?

To purchase a large computer monitor, one can go to the nearest computer or electronics store and search there. These electronics stores will most likely carry any equipment.

What is the most important factor in choosing an LCD computer monitor?

The most important factor when choosing to buy an LCD computer monitor is size. You have to know which size you want before you make the decision to purchase one.

Which 1 is the computer and which one is monitor?

The monitor is the "screen", the thing that where your mouse is. It is the thing that you look at.The "computer" is usually a separate box, though in the case of laptops, it is hidden beneath the keyboard. In some situations, the computer is integrated with the monitor; the most notable example of this is Apple's iMac.

What are the functions of a monitor on a computer?

There are two types of monitor - a 'standard' one supplied with most computers, and a 'touch sensitive' one. A'standard' monitor only has one function - to display what the computer is doing for the benefit of the user. A 'touch sensitive' monitor is also an input device.

Does Most devices connected to a computer communicate with monitor to carry out task?

No, only devices connected directly to the monitor communicate with it at all.

Purchasing Your New Computer Monitors?

When you are shopping for computer monitors, keep in mind that you do not necessarily have to get the same brand name in a monitor as you have for your computer. For example, just because you have an HP computer and your monitor no longer works does not mean that you can only purchase another HP monitor. Most computers are compatible with almost any other companies monitor. There are few exceptions to this rule, but check with the computer manufacturer to be absolutely sure.

Are glucose monitor watches accurate?

Yes, many of them are, and a wonderful investment. The most highly rated glucose monitor watch is currently the Animas Glucowatch Biographer.

How to Connect a laptop to a separate monitor?

Most laptop computers have a jack somewhere that will allow a standard computer monitor cable to be connected. Sometimes they are hidden behind panels that flip up, slide, or otherwise can be opened. If you have the manual, it will give the exact location of the jack, as well as describing the resolution and color selections possible.

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