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AnswerApproximately the 10th century, perhaps a little earlier.

..earliest one ive seen is circa 6th centurt in Riasc on the dingle peninsula. the more typical ones youd see about, ie the highly decorated carved crosses would be about 900ad (clonmacnoise) or 10th century (monasterboise)

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Q: What is the date of the Celtic Cross?
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What religion is the Celtic cross from?

What I think the religion of the Celtic cross came from is probably the Pagan Druidic religion.

What is the difference between Irish Celtic cross and scottish Celtic cross?

nothing, other than location

What is the Celtic symbol for knowledge?

The Celtic symbol for knowledge is the Celtic cross. It is also known as the ring cross due to being a cross shape with a ring behind it. It symbolizes knowledge and high energy.

What does the cross on boondock saints mean?

its a Celtic cross

What is the middle of the Celtic cross?

The middle of a Celtic cross usually consists of relief panels featuring carved figures of humans and animals.

Cross with a round circle on top?

Sounds like a Celtic Cross.

Why Celtic cross tattoo on the boondock saints?

The boondock saints support their religious beliefs on their skin. The Celtic cross is a vital symbol to their culture and homeland.

Will sweat hurt the Black Wood Celtic Cross Skull Pendant?

The Black Wood Celtic Cross Skull Pendant will not be harmed by regular perspiration.

What is the difference between a Celtic cross and a cross?

kus omoc they had sex differently

How many lines of symmetry does a Celtic cross have?


What is the symbolism of the Celtic Cross?

The Celtic Cross is one of many forms of the Cross, and arose in Ireland and Scotland. The symbolism is quite simple. The Cross is a representation of the Cross on which Christ died. The ring which surrounds the upper part of the Cross represents the sun i.e. the Resurrection. Celtic Christians had a tremendous respect for Nature, and like many peoples, saw the sun as a life-giving force. The Celtic Christians continued the pagan tradition of inscribing stones, and Celtic crosses were usually inscribed with scenes from the life of Christ, with saints, or even animals with religious significance (e.g. cockerel).

What does a Celtic Cross tattoo symbolize?

Someone with a Celtic cross tattoo often intends to represent their christian faith along with their Irish (or scottish) ethnicity. The ring around the cross symbolizes the eternity of God's love.

Is there any eternal life tattoo?

Catholics believe its the cross. Celtic eternal life tattoo is a Celtic spiral.

What does the circle in the center of the Celtic cross represent?

The Circle of life

What is the tattoo on mickey ward left arm?

celtic cross

Is zak bagans Irish?

He has to be, he has a Celtic cross on his arm tattooed

What is sheamus finishing move?

Brogue Kick and Celtic Cross

Are there specific symbols associated with faith?

Celtic Cross, the cross, fishes, rosary, scapular, religious medals,

How to design and construct a wooden form for a Celtic cross?

by farting in a dishwasher

What are three items that represent Ireland?

Potatoes Shamrock Celtic Cross

Does Catholic Church use the Celtic cross?

I do know that the church to which I belong, St Mary's Catholic Church in Peru IL has both the standard Christian cross and the Celtic Cross on the roof of the church. The Christian cross extends high on the steeple and the Celtic cross is above the doors. This parish was formed and the present church built by immigrants wishing to establish an English speaking church as the others in town were either Polish or German. This is presently an endangered church.

Why did the Celtic people make Celtic crosses?

The pre-Christian version was a circle with an equal-armed cross internal to the circle, called the "sun cross", representing the sun. When the Celts became Christian, the cross was Christianized. The life-giving sun was compared with Christ.

Is the tradition of Halloween Celtic?

Yes.Halloween's origins date back to the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain (pronounced sow-in).

Irish or Celtic stone crosses are identifiable by?

a circle intersecting the cross arms

What does a Celtic cross tattoo over the heart mean?

it means that you worship satan.