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That's an extremely broad question. Quarters have been issued since the 1790s so there are many valuable issues, and the "most valuable" title can shift as time passes. Some of the highest-value quarters are 1796, 1870-CC, and 1871-CC. You can find a full set of current prices at any number of web sites. One good portal site is

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What is the date of the most valuable US quarter?

By far, the most valuable quarter is the 1916 Standing Liberty Quarter Dollar - its value in good condition (G4) is: $3000. places the value of the 1916 Quarter at $3900 in G4 and $35,000 in MS66 (but look fast, it may be higher by the time I finish typing this). The first US quarter from 1796 is listed at $12,000 and $400,000 in those grades.


The rarest and most valuable Morgan dollar is the 1893-S, with a mintage of only 100,000. Prices for this date start at about $2,000.

What American coin is most valuable?

From least to greatest: Penny Nickel Dime Quarter Half Dollar Gold and Silver Dollar

What is the most valuable american coin?

The most valuable American coin in current production is the half dollar. This half dollar is worth 50 cents when used.

What is the most valuable year for silver dollar?


What year Morgan dollar is the most valuable?


What is the most common coin in the US?

Quarter a dollar (1/4 a dollar)

What is the most valuable 20th century silver dollar?

The most two most valuable are the 1903-O Morgan and 1928 Peace dollar, followed by the '21 Peace and the '02-S and '03-S Morgans.

Is a 1922 peace dollar valuable?

1922 is by far the most common date for Peace dollars. As of 13 April 2013, one is worth about $20 for the silver.

What is the most valuable state quarter?

I believe they are all worth 25 cents...

What is the most valuable us paper money?

20 dollar bill

What is the world's most valuable banknote?

alibyan ten dollar note.

How much is a 1938 silver quarter dollar worth?

Depending on the grade, values are $3.00-$8.00 for most quarters of this date but can have values as high as $50.00 or more.

Which country has one quarter as its currency?

The USA has a 25 cent coin which most people refer to as a "Quarter", ie. one quarter of a Dollar.

What quarter do you list online if week ending is last quarter and payment date is current quarter?

Most accounting systems list all transactions for the quarter in which they are actually paid, regardless of payment due date.

What is the most valuable date on a British Halfcrown?

1952 is supposedly unique.

What is the most valuable Lincoln memorial penny date?


Most valuable coin?

1794/5 Flowing hair silver/copper dollar

What are the most valuable coins?

1794/5 Flowing hair silver/copper dollar

What is the most valuable old coin in pawn stars?

1859 3 Dollar piece

What is the value of a dime a quarter a nickel and all other us coins?

hay penny=1/2 centpenny= 1 centnickel=5 centsdime=10 centsquarter=25 centshalf dollar=50 centsgold/silver dollar=1 dollaranother coin is worth over a million and is one of a kind made to be a world record of most valuable piece of money.

What years are the most valuable for Quarters?

Quarters have been issued since the 1790s so there are many years and mint marks that are valuable. You can get an overview from a site such as At least within the last hundred or so years, two of the most valuable quarters are a 1901-S Barber quarter and a 1916 Standing Liberty quarter.

What Franklin half dollar is worth the most?

The most valuable Franklin half dollar is the 1953 deep cameo proof in PR68 condition. It has a value of around $65,000.

What is the value of your 1944 quarter?

It's a common date Washington quarter, most are only valued for the silver, about $6.00.

What is the most valuable one dollar bill?

One Dollar bills with low serial numbers, such as 00000001 to 00000100, are sought after and can sell for up to $2,500 in mint, uncirculated condition. The most valuable One Dollar bill to date is the Rainbow Note, which was produced in 1869. It features a portrait of George Washington and a scene of Christopher Columbus discovering America. It is called a Rainbow Note because it was printed using multiple colors. The Rainbow Note One Dollar bill is valued at $4,500 in mint, uncirculated condition.

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