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What is the deference between 110V and 220V?

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Well, apart from the obvious one that 220V is double 110V, in practical terms

it means that you can move 4 times as much power through a 220V cable, as

you can through a 110V cable, provided that the cables are the same


Basically, it is an economic issue. The current (Amps) determines the diameter

of the copper cable. The more current required, the thicker (and heavier) the

cable must be.

Because P = V x A (Power = Volts x Amps), a country using 220V service

requires copper cable of only 1/2 the diameter to deliver the same amount of

power to all its consumers, as compared to a country which has 110V service.

On a 220V line, you are drawing only 1/2 the Current (amps) to achieve the

same power delivery, as compared to a line running 110V.

The USA, as a rich country, could afford to install an electrical infrastructure

of thick and heavy copper cables, with a lower and safer 110V voltage,

whereas the rest of the world took the cheaper option of thinner and lighter

cables at 220V to achieve the same power (Watts) delivery.

That's why an electric clothes dryer and other powerful devices like central

heating or big window air conditioners have to have a 220 volt supply; for the

same cable thickness, you can draw twice the power (watts) as compared to

a 110V line.

2014-01-28 07:01:50
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Q: What is the deference between 110V and 220V?
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Can you run a 110V plug off a 220V plug?

Not really if the 110v plug has a 110v rated appliance fitted, 220v will blow the fuse or damage the appliance, and there is a chance that the 220v will be to much for the 110v plug to handle

Does a dishwasher have a 110v plug or 220v plug?

In 110v countries, it's got a 110v plug--the motor and heater in a dishwasher aren't very large, and the unit runs fine on 110v. In 220v countries, naturally the appliance runs on 220v.

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Why 220v in the Philippines and 110v to the other country?

Because it's more dangerous to use 220V than to use 110V.

How can you connect a US made machine with both 220V and 110V to 220V supply?

The kind of motor that runs on either 110v or 220v has two coils in it. If you wire them in parallel you can run the motor on 110v. Wiring them in series lets you run it on 220v. The motor will come with instructions on how to do it.

What causes a 220v wire to pull only 110v?

The fact that it's supposed to. Voltage is stated as the difference between the two wires carrying electricity to the load. When they bring power to the house from the utility, you get two wires carrying 110v but they're 180 degrees out of phase. Imagine one carries positive 110v and the other carries negative 110v. If you hook one of these wires plus a neutral (zero volts) to the load, you get 110v--110v over 0v. If you hook both of them to the load, you get positive 110v over negative 110v, or 220v. to white is 110v, black to white is 110v, red to black is 220v.

Can you use a 220v speaker to a 110v socket?


Which is safe- 110v or 220v?

The lower the voltage, the safer. Therefore 110V is much safer than 220V. While 110V can kill in certain circumstances, you are more likely to get only a nasty shock. Under the same circumstances, 220V will probably kill.

How is 220v water heater rewired to 110v?

Use a transformer to lower from 220 to 110V.

Plug a 110v hair straightener into a 220v outlet?

Do not do this.

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How do you make 110v into 220v?

By using a voltage transformer.

How do you wire a 110v outlet to 220v?

To wire a 110v outlet to 220v the 220v source must have a neutral conductor that is 110v away from the hot leg. If you don't have the neutral, you must provide a new circuit. Do notjust connect ground to the neutral terminal, as ground is not intended to carry current.

Can you plug 110v to a 220v outlet?'ll fry it and yourself without a step down converter. 220v is 30+amps, 110v is 15. Volts don't kill, Amps do.

Why 220v and 110v was chosen as standard voltage in Brazil and not some other voltage?

220v and 110v are almost the only voltages used around the world because they are the most efficient.

Can you use the 220v 50hz appliances in 110v 60hz?

Depends. Some smaller stuff can usually run on both, in which case it will be printed on them. If it isn't, you can't run a 220v item on 110v.

If you have a computer which start with 110v so by using converter can the computer starts with 220v?

Yes. If the computer power input is only rated for 110V input, you can power it from 220V by using a voltage converter from 220V to 110V with appropriate wattage. Some computer power supplies also have a switch for setting 110V/220V in which case computer can be powered from 220V after changing the setting. Most of the portable computers/laptops have power adapters which are rated for universal voltage (e.g. my Dell laptop AC adapter is rated for 100-240V 50-60Hz).

What happens if you plug a 110v appliance into 220v outlet?

It won't turn on.......

What happens to a 110v stereo amplifier when connected to a 220v supply?

It explodes

Does avr converts 220v to 110v?

yes, but you need a transformer to convert it,

Will 110v magic bullet work on 220v?

Not unless you have a power converter.

Can a 2-pole circuit breaker be used for 110V 220V or 440V?

All three, on 110V a split receptacle, on 220V a baseboard heater, on 440V a construction heater or similar resistive load.

Can you modified a power sources from110v in 220v?

of course. go to the market and buy a transformer. It will convert a 110V supply to a 220V supply.