What is the definition of a building footprint?

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One definition A building footprint is the outline of the total area of a lot or site that is surrounded by the exterior walls of a building or portion of a building, exclusive of courtyards.$ In the absence of surrounding exterior walls, the building footprint shall be the area under the horizontal projection of the roof.
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What is an ecological footprint?

An ecological footprint measures how much of the planet's resources you use, and converts this to the amount of land needed to provide the resources and assimilate your waste. It is measured in global hectares (a hectare is about the size of a soccer field). It includes: . The amount of building m ( Full Answer )

What is the definition of carbon footprint?

An ecological or carbon footprint measures howmuch of the planet's resources you use, and converts this to theamount of land needed to provide the resources and assimilate yourwaste. It is measured in global hectares (a hectare is about thesize of a soccer field). It includes: . The amount of bui ( Full Answer )

What is a carbon footprint?

Carbon footprint is a measure of the impact our activities have onthe environment, and in particular climate change. It relates tothe amount of greenhouse gases produced in our day-to-day livesthrough burning fossil fuels for electricity, heating andtransportation etc. (The amount of greenhouse gas ( Full Answer )

What is the definition of a building defect?

Answer . A Housing or Construction Defect is a building flaw or design mistake that reduces the value of the home, and/or causes a dangerous condition. Some defects are obvious (such as water seepage) but many are less obvious and do not become apparent until years after a building was constru ( Full Answer )

What are definition of building defects?

Answer . \nIt could be there were mistakes made somewhere in the design or contruction of the building that conflicks with the building codes. Or the building is rotted out and may fall apart in the next six months.

What is the definition of genomic footprinting?

Same as genetic footprinting, only at a high throughput, systems level way. Typically you use a transposon library to insert mutations to cells that inactivate genes (you assume one transposon/inactivation per cell). Then you trascription profile (dna microarray, rna-seq) after selection (whatever y ( Full Answer )

Legal definition of a grandfather clause as it applies to 1947 building codes?

Answer . The typical "grandfather clause" relates to the applicability of the latest building code to things that were already installed under a previous code (i.e., previously allowed). You may need a waiver or to have the old work re-inspected for insurance reasons. There are several situati ( Full Answer )

What is the carbon footprint of building a new car?

not a complete answer but according to http://www.pacinst.org/topics/integrity_of_science/case_studies/hummer_vs_prius.pdf. The British auto industry trade group estimated in their 2006 sustainability report that lifecycle CO2 emissions - a strong proxy for energy - are allocated 10% to manufacturi ( Full Answer )

How do you calculate a carbon footprint?

There are some handy tools for getting a rough estimate for the carbon footprint of various things here: http://www.carbonfund.org/site/pages/individuals/category/Carbon%20Calculators/?gclid=CNvZ9uz8j5UCFQOIFQodGGzngQ. A nice article on the subject from Forbes:. http://www.forbes.com/2008/04/ ( Full Answer )

What is footprint in construction?

A footprint, from a construction point of view, is the projected area on the ground or basement, upon witch the construction is to be placed. In other words it is the total consumed horizontal area of the vertical span of the object. An example of this Is the Eiffel Tower. The footprint of the Eiff ( Full Answer )

What is a water footprint?

The water footprint is an indicator of freshwater use that looks at both direct and indirect water use of a consumer or producer. The water footprint of an individual, community or business is defined as the total volume of freshwater that is used to produce the goods and services consumed by the in ( Full Answer )

What is a global footprint?

when the country or place uses energy or more things that aren't Eco friendly more than other places or country's it is making a bigger global footprint

What is an energy footprint?

The sum of all areas used to provide non-food and non-feed energy. It is the sum of CO2 area , hydropower land, forest for fuelwood, and crop land for fuel crops.

What is the definition of pre-engineered buildings?

Pre-engineering building means a part of fabrication - cutting and welding is completed at factory. Then it just deliver and erect at site without doing any fabrication work.

What is the human footprint?

A human footprint is what a person leaves behind when he or she walks in a soft surface such as mud, wet sand, or tracks mud or dirt onto another surface. It is created by the foot touching the ground and pressing into the soft surface.

How do you collect footprints?

You would do the crime scene thing in old novels where the character makes a barrier around the print out of like paper or something and then fills it in with plaster. However long it takes plaster is however long it will take you to get a print. They always do human prints, but it could work for an ( Full Answer )

What is the best method to build muscle definition?

The main question on this topic is where do you want to build muscle? . for a core workout the best thing is press ups and sit ups . you can do the same work through different means at the gym or select a specifict group of muscles to work on. . If you want good upper body strenght the best thing ( Full Answer )

What is the definition of the carbon footprint?

Carbon Footprint - A measure of the amount of carbon dioxide emitted through fossil fuel combustion. A carbon footprint is often expressed as tons of carbon emitted on an annual basis. See Environmental Footprint.

Definition of Data Model Basic Building Blocks?

—stored - named by a singular noun Examples of Entities: . — Persons: agent, builder, customer, employee, instructor, student, supplier . . — Places: Department, sales region, building, room, branch office, campus.. — Objects: May be tangible or intangible: . — Tangibles: bo ( Full Answer )

How do you build muscle definition?

First you have to build the muscle. After the muscle is built, then you can define it. You must have a good cardio work out and a good balanced diet. Also you must continue weight training, but do less weight with higher reps.

What is carbon footprinting?

A carbon footprint is a measure of the impact human activities have on the environment in terns of the amount of greenhouse gases produced, measured in units of carbon dioxide.

What is a preserved footprint?

This means that a footprint was once made in mud or other softmaterial, which later turned to stone and preserved (or saved) theshape of the footprint inside of it.

What is a footprint?

footprint is the ground area that its transponders offer coverage, and determines the satellite dish diameter required to receive each transponder's signal. There is usually a different map for eachtransponder as each may be aimed to cover different areas of the ground.

How does a carbon footprint build up?

When carbon emissions are released into the atmosphere themolecules essentially get trapped in the gases of the atmosphereand can stay for long periods of time and get swept around theworld also. In this manner they build up and create a "hole" in theozone where =by the natural protection of the atm ( Full Answer )

How does carbon footprint affect the environment?

Carbon footprint, as defined by Wikipedia is "is "the total set of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions caused by an organization, event or product" [1] or the amount of carbon dioxide emitted. Less carbon footprint will affect the earth because the earth will be cooler if there is less carbon footpr ( Full Answer )

Is it possible to have a negative carbon footprint?

There have been learned people who have asserted this is not possible. There have been others who assert that it is. I am one of the later. Please consider this: Suppose you build a generating plant that burns methane gas leaking from a landfill to produce electricity. It burns methane against atmos ( Full Answer )

How do footprints get fossilized?

Footprints become fossilized because when a dinosaur makes an imprint in something such as mud and it dries without being disturbed, material builds up on top of it until time and pressure eventually turn the impression into stone where it then will be preserved until it is uncovered or nature inter ( Full Answer )

Definition for body-building food?

proteins are body-building food.foods that contain proteins help us to grow,build up our bones and muscles and also to grow strong and healthy.

Definition of temporary building?

Structures used to facilitate the construction of buildings, bridges, tunnels, and other above- and below-ground facilities by providing access, support, and protection for the facility as well as assuring the safety of the workers and the public.

What causes footprints?

The weight of your body expressed on each foot. This concentration will displace the beach sand, mud, snow etc. and will be called a footprint.

What is the building code definition of a bedroom?

Typically a bedroom has to have these features; a window, a closet, and a door. One of the windows cannot be more than 44" from the floor and must allow egress, 3' x 5' for example.

Definition of civic building?

as simple as the answer may appear civic buildings are building that are used not for residential purposes but for commercilal purposes. This may include hotels, banks, ware houses, hospitals, worship centres, schools etc...

Why and how did world trade centre building 7 come down in its own footprint?

It did rather exceed it's footprint, but the reasons it didn't "fall over" are as follows; 1. The structural failure was towards the top, so the bottom was fine and thus all stayed upright until the vertical shock loads of the falling floors above caused failure, which was progressive and local. 2. ( Full Answer )

Where are platypus footprints?

Platypus footprints are rarely seen. They are likely to be visible only near freshwater creeks and rivers in eastern Australia.

Is footprint a noun?

Yes, footprint is a noun, a singular, common, concrete, compound noun; a word for a thing.

What is the depth of a footprint?

A footprint's depth is determined by the amount of weight above it. So two people with the same size foot, but different weights, will produce footprints of different depths.

What is ecologycal footprint?

The ecological footprint is a measure of human demand of the Earth's ecosystems. It is a standardized measure of demand for natural capital (resources from nature) that may be contrasted with the planet's ecological capacity to regenerate.

What is a retail footprint?

When a store like Wal-Mart or Petco steps somewhere and thenleaves, what's left is a footprint. There are often used to predictthe size of the store and can sometimes provide insight into thestore's eating habits, social tendencies and in what time periodthe store lived.

What is the definition of a prefabricated building?

A prefabricated building is a building that has several factory built components (units) that are assembled to complete the unit at the site of where the building will be placed.

What is the definition of the building envelope?

The building envelope is the space between the exterior and interior environments of a building. It is a physical separator that helps to keep the interior of the building cool or hot depending on the season.

What is the definition of a building?

A building is a man-made structure with walls and a roof standingin a fixed location and used for various human activities as wellas shelter from the weather.