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Aerobic endurance is the time which you can exercise, without producing lactic acid (and it building up) in your muscles. In other words, aerobic endurance is stamina, the amount of time you can maintain an aerobic use of energy (oxygen).

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What is another name for a aerobic endurance?

Another name for aerobic endurance is muscular endurance.

What are sporting example of aerobic endurance?

An example for aerobic endurance is for example is running hope this helps

What do you need aerobic endurance for dance?

you need aerobic endurance for cardio to be able to dance and have a more structured dance move

Why use aerobic endurance?


Is aerobic endurance needed in rounders?

we should have aerobic endurance because we strengthen our bodies and use these techniques in various of sports

What is the difference between aerobic capacity and muscular endurance?

Aerobic capacity is the endurance of activity on the heart muscle in high or low impact aerobic exercise. Muscle endurance is the amount of weight that you are able to lift without tearing muscle fibers.

How can you improve on muscular endurance?

aerobic exercise

Why do you need aerobic endurance in football?

You don't

How does ballet help with aerobic endurance?

you get strong

What sports do you use aerobic endurance?


How does jogging improve aerobic endurance?

It helps build up physical endurance and strength

What is the difference between resistance and aerobic exercise?

Resistance is strength training where aerobic is endurance.

Definition of cardio respiratory endurance?

the definition of cardio respiratory endurance is the functions of the heart

How do you improve aerobic endurance?

You improve it by eating cheese

What are the fitness components for high jump?

Aerobic endurance

Examples of aerobic endurance?

long distance running

Is aerobic endurance needed in the sport of netball?

yes it is!

Endurance training is also known as?

aerobic training

What fitness component is vertical jump?

aerobic endurance

Which category of exercise builds cardiorespiratory endurance?


Does Aerobic exercise helps build endurance.?


How is aerobic endurance used in Rounders?

american football

Why is swimming an aerobic sport?

Swimming is aerobic. It is considered to be an endurance sport, but there is still sprinting involved.

What type of endurance does aerobic exercise build?

cardiovascular endurance usually, but it depends on the exercise really. aerobic exercise requires movement that uses oxygen in the body. That means that the longer you can do the aerobic exercise, such as running, the stronger your heart is.

What fitness do you need for football?

aerobic endurance, muscular endurance, flexibility, speed, strength & body composition :)