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What is the definition of economist?

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someone who specializes in Economics :)

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The definition of a political economist is defined by its actions. Generally speaking, a political economist seeks to utilize a nations economy or its human resources for the common good.

An economist studies the economy.

The Economist publishes the Economist Magazine. The Economist is owned half and half by the Financial Times and also a group on independent shareholders.

A scientific economist is an economist that deals with the nation in aspect of science While policy advisor is an economist that advice on political aspect or affairs of a nation

The Economist is an English-language weekly magazine.

the filipino economist and their contribution

Namibia Economist was created in 1991.

The ISBN of The Armchair Economist is 0029177766.

An economist subscription is a subscription to the magazine "The Economist". This magazine focuses on international politics as well as business news.

The economist site is a good site, but there are better sites such as EconTalk.

What are the contributions of an economist in the banking sector?

roles and responsibility of business economist?

How much is an economist payed annually?

The Armchair Economist has 241 pages.

The Undercover Economist has 288 pages.

the qualification needed for an economist are econometry or economics.

A micro economist studies the market and companies while a macro economist studies the economy on a national or international scale.

Paul Krugman. Hands down the smartest economist this century.

Richard Jones - economist - was born in 1790.

Joel Dean - economist - died in 1979.

Joel Dean - economist - was born in 1906.

Oliver Hart - economist - was born in 1948.

Charles Kennedy - economist - died in 1997.

Charles Kennedy - economist - was born in 1923.