What is the definition of emulate what is good ignore what is bad?


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Be like what is good and don't pay attention to what is bad.

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good conductor means your gay

Depends if its bad or good ..... if its bad then ignore them & dont think about it ..... but if you think its good you no what they say if you got it FLAUNT it.... xxx

No Countries can seldom be classed as 'good' or 'bad' - that is a definition of their leadership.

It depends on your definition of bad. If you mean not good for you body then probably yes. But if you are talking about your brain, then it is definitely a good thing.

a bad friend not a good runner and black color

It depends on your definition of bad. He's enterprises are illegal but his intention is usually good.

A group of organisms cannot be 'good' or 'bad' by any definition. They simply are what they are, and what you do with or to them is what matters.

Well, it depends on your definition of good. It was a place and places are made good or bad by the people who inhabit them. Some Narnians were good and equal amounts of Narnians were bad.

Yes. No matter how bad it is, ignore it. It will go away.

If you start to ignore your dog, then your dog will start to ignore you back. This will then prevent your dog associating with you.

Depends on your definition of 'good' and 'bad'. I would use them to have a good time, possibly doing 'good' or 'bad' along the way. most people would have fun with them

vivek means -jugdement of good or bad - a quick catcher

Mood can be defined as an expression of feelings. Esp. Good or bad

I have the same question....What is Radical Number in it good or bad?????

Eating too many is by definition not good for you.

Sizing up two things and defining different points of good or bad.

You should ignore bad behaviour and reward good behaviour with a treat like some sunflour seeds.(Excludes screaming)

Children live by the example that their parents set. If their parents engage in bad behavior, their children will think this is how they are supposed to act.

If you are saying 'bad talkers' is swearing in the family then it is up to the homewowners to say something about the language or 'get out of the house!' If you are talking about people in the family who may not have a good education and their English is not very good then learn to take them as they are as they are just as good as anyone else.

ignore it dont worry about it because people hate to be ignored and when they see you dont care they will leave you alone and people who talk down on you is probably jealous or they life is not going right.first you ask what have i done to you for you can talk bad about me?second ignore at the ready they will see that your a good person

this depends on who you are, how you think and act. my suggestion is to treat yourself nice, ignore all bad comments about you.

according to my calculations good is better then bad but bad is worst then good, but honestly IDFK! yes i know u r very anooyed because u couldnt find ur answer

Something that goes from a good situation to a bad situation, as in, "The patient's condition began to worsen overnight."

because socialism definition is all good ,but really its bad look at Russia when they had socialism. the wanted out of it!

Someone who is between a babyface (good guy) or heel (bad guy).

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