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What is the definition of enrolled?

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Officially entered in a roll or list; "an enrolled student" . A bill is enrolled when both houses of a legislative body have voted to approve it and it has been sent on to the executive branch (the President or a state governor) for signing. Since this was originally posted under the Civil War topic, it means 'enlisted'.

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What are some different meanings of the term 'enrolled'?

There are only a few definitions of the word 'enrolled.' The first definition is to be officially registered as a member of an institution or a student on a course. The second definition is register (someone) as a member or student.

What is the definition of 'matriculate'?

The definition of matriculate is to be enrolled at university or college. It also describes a person who has matriculated, and other similar words include enroll and register.

how do i get my son enrolled ?

how do i get my son enrolled

How do you use enrolled in a proper sentence?

The parent enrolled her son in a preschool program. Ten new students have enrolled in our school this year.

What is the definition of enrolled legislation?

It means the legislation has passed both houses of legislation (i.e. House of Delegates & Senate) and is awaiting either approval or veto by the Governor.

What is another word for enrolled?

anouther word for enrolled is signed up.

Is it gramatically correct to say i got enrolled?

Yes, but using got enrolled instead of simply enrolled lends a special meaning. It suggests that someone else enrolled me without my wanting it, or that there was a problem with my enrollment that I had to overcome. For example: I hoped to keep my name off the list, but I got enrolled anyway; or They made it hard for me to sign up, but finally I got enrolled.

How many students are enrolled in UCLA?

Over 33,000 students are enrolled in UCLA

How do you use enrolled in a sentence?

im not sure but here is an example : I was enrolled in schoool

Do you have to be enrolled in a school while taking the GED program?

no u dont have to be enrolled in school

What is the Australian spelling of enrolled?

There is no difference in the spelling of the past tense/past participle enrolled.

How many students are enrolled at University of Florida?

The University of Florida has about 51,413 students enrolled in its program.

How many students are enrolled at the University of Florida?

There are currently 49,679 students enrolled in the University of Florida.

What does it mean when a bill is enrolled?

a bill is enrolled once it has passed in both chambers and is sent to the president.

Are there IRS Enrolled Agents in Lincoln NE?

Yes, there are enrolled IRS agents in Lincoln, NE

When was Enrolled Nurse Professional Association created?

Enrolled Nurse Professional Association was created in 1994.

How many students are enrolled at the University of Montana?

13,358 students are enrolled at the University of Montana in fall of 2017.

How many students enrolled at the university of Tampa?

6,738 students enrolled for fall 2011 (undergraduate and graduate)

How do you use the word enrolled in a sentence?

Jim and Pam enrolled their son into Glen Waverly Secondary College.

How many students are enrolled in University of Kentucky?

The total amount of enrolled students at University of Kentucky is 26,083.

What is a sentence for Enrolled?

Much to my delight, I found out that my father had enrolled me in some art classes at the community center.

In Australian how do you spell enrolled?

There is no such language as Australian. In terms of the way the spell that word in Australia, it would be "enrolled".

What website would you recommend for me to look up the definition of pain?

A police academy certification course generally takes about 24 weeks to complete. You could check with the local police department about how to get enrolled.

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How many students are enrolled at University of Texas Austin?

how many students are currently enrolled in the univesity of Texas in Austin