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What is the definition of enterprise architecture?

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Enterprise architecture is a term used to define the ideas and components that are active and performing in a company. This shows how the different components in a business affect the overall strategy needed to achieve the desired outcome.

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How do you define enterprise architecture?

Enterprise architecture is term used to describe the make-up or structure (architecture) of a business (enterprise). Enterprise architecture analyzes the components of the business model and the relationships between these components.

What is a e-commerce process architecture?

Example of the NIH IT Enterprise Architecture Framework, where the Business architecture is pictured as part of the enterprise architecture.A business architecture is a part of an enterprise architecture related to corporate business, and the documents and diagrams that describe that architectural structure of business. People who build business architecture are known as Business Architects.Business architecture bridges between the enterprise business model and enterprise strategy on one side and the business functionality of the enterprise on another side.

When was Enterprise Architecture Body of Knowledge created?

Enterprise Architecture Body of Knowledge was created in 2004.

What defines enterprise architecture?

Enterprise Architecture is defined as the structure of an enterprise, the business components related to it and how the components coordinate with each other.

What are some example types of an enterprise architecture framework?

Enterprise architecture framework defines how to organize the structure, views, objects associated with an enterprise. Thinking in a specific area with supporting maps and designs to understand the architecture.

In what ways is enterprise software architecture different from system software architecture?

Enterprise software architecture relates to architecture of enterprise-scale systems i.e. large and complex systems or systems of systems in support of enterprise processes. System software is like any other operating system used on a computer to keep it running.

What is Database Architecture?

Hi,Data Architecture in enterprise architecture is the design of data for use in defining the target state and the subsequent planning needed to achieve the target state. It is usually one of several architecture domain that form the pillars of an enterprise architecture.

What kinds of architecture tools does Enterprise offer?

Enterprise offers a variety of architecture tools. These include abacus which is used for modelling, understanding, and analyzing complex enterprises.

Who developed the architecture for Enterprise Service Bus?

The architecture of the Enterprise service bus is quite unique, and it revolutionized the service bus industry. Issac Farraday was the engineer who originally developed the plans for the enterprise service bus.

What is enterprise architecture?

Enterprise architecture is a computer term for the type of computer systems used to support a company. It encompasses both the hardware and the software used by the business for its day to day work.

Which component of the Cisco Enterprise Architecture is responsible for extending enterprise services to remote sites?

In terms of enterprise architecture from Cisco Systems, Inc., it is the WAN edge that facilitates VPN access for remote sites. VPN is an acronym for virtual private network.

Who are some of the most prominent figures in enterprise architecture?

Enterprise Architecture is not a business, rather it is a method within the fields of business. Specifically, it is a business model used by certain companies to help guide the future of their "enterprise". Capitol Planning and Investment Control, a division of the American government, employs this business model. Volkswagen, Intel, and Blue Cross also use "enterprise architecture" in their company development.

What is the definition of enterprise?

The definition for enterprise is 1) a projector or undertaking - usually one that is difficult or requires effort 2) initiative and resourcefulness

What does EISA stand for in computer science?

Enterprise Information Systems Architecture

What is meant by application architecture?

Application architecture refers to enterprise or solution architecture. It may also refer to software and applications used in business, and the interaction between users.

What is the full form of EITA?

EITA stands for "Enterprise & Information Technology Architecture".

What is the definition of a large scale enterprise?

cThere is no formal definition of the size of a large firm, although it is seen as larger than a medium enterprise, which generally is defined as an enterprise having less than 250 employees.

What is Cisco Enterprise Architecture?

A Cisco recommended architecture for network design pertinent to various stages of growth of a business. Cisco Enterprise Architecture enables network planners to utilise a roadmap of network growth whereby IT managers can plan for future network upgrades as and when needed by the business during periods of expansion and growth.

What is the definition of the word architecture?

I don't understand what is happing.

What is free enterprise-?

The definition for free enterprise is "an economic system in which private business operates in competition and largely free of state control."

What is the definition of commercial activity?

Activity undertaken as part of a commercial enterprise

Definition of business organisation?

It can be defined as followed. a commercial or industrial enterprise .

What definition the word enterprise?

it is a figure of speech like talking to someone

What is the definition of group entrepreneurship?

The definition of group entrepreneurship is a collaborative approach to enterprise creation. It can provide benefits to a community.

What is the social studies definition of privatization?

The definition of privatization is to transfer from public or government control to the control of a private enterprise.

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