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What is the definition of faith?


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"Faith in the purest sense is the ceasing of resistance even when there's no physical evidence, when the other evidence is present." -The other evidence is physical, proof.

Not feeding ourselves on what God hasn't done

Faith in it's purest form is the absence of resistance


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The definition of faith is believing in something which can not be proven correct or incorrect.

The meaning of the word faith is something different to each person. The standard definition of the word faith means the thing that we believe in. like-- we have faith that god exists.

Definition of faith in Islam is:To have faith in God, the one and only one God; with no partners, no father, no son.To have faith in God angels, all God Prophets, and all God holy books.To have faith in The Day of JudgmentTo have faith in Destiny.

where you have faith/believe in the supernatural: aliens superheroes monster, etc

What is the definition of epistles? Epistles are letters that express the faith of the early church.

Belief without evidence.

Yemen means the country of faith and wisdom.

used when purchasing a business

Dozens, even hundreds depending on your definition of a faith Church.

Faith, by definition, means believing in something without knowing if it's true or not.

The Greek word for faith is written in English as pistis. The original definition is persuasion, or to be persuaded.

A system of christian or other religious belief;a faith

Many believe we should begin the answer to this question with a reminder of the definition of the word 'faith:' Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. A very simple definition of salvation is, 'God's protection.' Now, if one does not have faith, it is impossible to have salvation, because one cannot have salvation without faith. Salvation is a gift. But, the only way to have a gift is to receive it, and that takes faith.

The definition of the word "fatwa" in the Islamic faith is the legal judgement that a qualified jurist can make regarding issues of Islamic law. In other words, it is a formal legal opinion.

The Greek definition of faith is "to be persuaded" or "to come to trust". The English translation of the Greek word is pistis.

As a Christian you are supposed to love everyone.

The evidence of things hoped for, the substance of things not seen.

That really depends how recent you want them to be, as well as the definition of "religion" used. Two recent religion are the Babi Faith, and the Bahá'í Faith which is closely related to the Babi Faith.

To reciprocate an act or return a gesture as an act of good faith

Spiritual health is when you still contain a strong faith of God

Type your answer here... who has made the defination of science as rebel against prejudice and blind faith

εμπιστοσύνης και εμπιστοσύνη σε ένα πρόσωπο ή πράγμα

Something that is real and accurate. Something carried out in good faith.

The definition is simple, cheering people on, urging them to be happy about the football or wrestling game that they are at. Even when the team is losing, You help the fans have faith in there team.

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