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The penis' tissues fill with blood to cause it to become erect, the opposite of flaccid. Flaccid describes an unengorged penis, that hangs limply as normal. Flaccid is an adjective and out of the men's sexual health section, it might refer to any unhardened object or substance?

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Q: What is the definition of flacid?
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What is flacid?

when water move out from plant cell then the shape of cell become flacid

Differences between flacid and turgid state?

flacid is soft, loose, limp or less rigid turgid is swollen, distended or puffed out

What rhymes with placid?

AcidAcid, flacid.

What rhymes with acid?

Placid rhymes with acid, as well as flacid.

Is a 2inch penis average for 11 yr old?

It is if its flacid.

Penis is 5 cm long when flacid is it normal?

It can be a grower

Why is the potatoes soaked in concentrated salt solution becomes flaccid?

The potatoes become flacid because the salt water drins out the moisture from the cells of the potatoes. This process is called exo-osmosis . The cells lose their turgidity and hence the potatoes become flacid :)

How big are the sprouse twins penises?

Flacid 5in Hard 10in

What is the average size of an American circumsized flacid penis?

They've never measure flaccid penises.

Your penis is 1 inch flacid help?

Chop it off and start a double life as a woman.

How big is Randy Orton's bulge?

Randy Orton's penis is 11 inches erect and 7 inches flacid

Is is normal to have a 9 inch long 5 inch thick flacid penis?

No that is well above the average.

If your 12 how big is your penis erect and if your uncut or cut?

12 is around 2 flacid and up to 4 erect

How big is the average boy's penis?

It all depends on age im 18 and when i hit puberty at the start of year 8 (age 12 from the August, 1 month before starting year 8) my penis was about 2.5-3.5 flacid (not erect) and 3.5-4.5 erected.. year nine it went to 4 inches on flacid and 5.5 on erect.. it was then 5 flacid and 6-6.5 on erect during year 10 and year 11 (which talking to mates was quite big/above adverage) now im 18 its 5.5 - 6.5 on flacid and 7 on erect.. i can get two hands on my penis then my head starts just above it and goes to the tip :) btw when a penis is cold it shrivles it does that quite alot of the time so shake it first before measuring but do not shake too much ;)

What is the size of a penis when you re 13?

Im 13 and my penis is 13cm erect and 8cm flacid, but at 13 everyones sizes can vary.

How do you pronounce the German word Schlaff?

Schlaff, meaning flacid; loose; slack, feeble; limp is pronounced shlaff (as in gaffe)

5 inch penis non erect and a girth of only 1 inch could this be a problem?

The penis is flacid, upon erection it will be longer and larger in. circumfrance

Is a 3 inch flacid and 5.2 inch erect penis normal?

i dont know talk to a physician but to be completely honest that's kinda small

Your are 27 years old and your penis size is 4 inches. will it grow or not?

At that age is probably finished growing, but 4" flacid is actually around average.

What happens when a man sucks a penis?

If you suck it while it is flacid, then it will get harder. If you suck it when it is hard, it will make the man excited to the point he may want to ejaculate his sperm.

Every guy needs to answer this... How old are you and how long is your penis when it's erect and normal?

15 - 10 inches long and 7 inches in girth erect, 7.5 inches long flacid.

What is the average measurment of a 13 year olds penis?

im 13 and mine is 6 in and i am told that is big and no im not lying it is stupid to lie. the average is 4 to 5 in erect Im 13 and mine is 7 inch erect and 4 and half flacid im 13 and my penis is 8in when erect and 5 flacid and i went to the doctors about it because i thought it was big but they said it was absoluty natural to have a large penis

How does density compare to mass and texture of the substance?

Well, a perfect example is a penis. When it's flacid, it's smooth and small. But when it's erectifies, it becomes rough and huge-ified.

Should a 14year old penis be flacid at a size of 1.5 inches?

They only measure adults and not flaccid penises. When flaccid it's for peeing only so if you can do that you're fine.

How many times is it natural to ejaculate during intercourse?

Usually you will ejaculate once. After that, you will usually not feel the desire to continue with sexual intercourse; also, your penis will soon get flacid (soft).