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What is the definition of formidable?

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Formidable - hard to overcome; hard to deal with.

Sentence: A long final examination is more formidable than a short test.

Formidable can also refer to an opponent, enemy, etc., such as one who is hard to beat.

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What is the definition of 'formidable'?

The word formidable means to instill fear, apprehension, dread or alarm. It can also mean having qualities that will discourage attack or approach. Some synonyms for formidable are appalling, frightful, horrible or menacing.

Formidable used in a sentence?

There are several ways to use formidable in a sentence. One sentence for formidable is; Walking on coals is a formidable challenge for anyone.

How do you say it is formidable in French?

"C'est formidable"

Is the pronunciation of formidable more like FORmidable or forMidable?

Either is correct. It's a regional pronunciation.

Use formidable in a sentence-?

A sentence that uses formidable could be, "That team proved to be a very formidable opponent".

A sentence with the word formidable?

we will make a formidable team

What is the accented syllable in formidable?

ANSWER FOR is the accented syllable in formidable.

Is the word formidable a verb?

No formidable is not a verb. It is an adjective.

What does tres formidable mean?

Very formidable. A force to be reckoned with.

What is a sentence using formidable?

Please help me with this formidable fire

What is the meaning of the word formidable in this sentence the fire that once seemed formidable was reduced to a small flame?

formidable: difficult to overcome

What is a sentence with the word formidable?

Chef Morimoto is a formidable and worthy opponent.

What sentence can you make with the word formidable?

the wind was formidable last night.

How do you use formidable in a sentence for a 10TH grade level?

He was a formidable opponent.

What is the duration of My Wife Is Formidable?

The duration of My Wife Is Formidable is 1.53 hours.

How do you use formidable in a sentence?

The Greek army faced a formidable enemy in the Persians. At 200 pounds, he made a formidable addition to our wrestling team. Making a speech in front of the whole town was a formidable prospect.

A sentence for formidable?

The Teddy Bear Cholla cactus has a formidable arrangement od spines. The champion faces a formidable opponent in tonight's match.

A sentence with formidable?

The President met formidable opposition to his health care plan.

Use formidable in a sentence?

The formidable team caused weak knees to the opponents.

What is an antonym for formidable?

Weak, powerless, feeble, or harmless are all antonyms for formidable.

What formidable mean in English?

In English formidable means hard to overcome or frightening.

How do you put the word formidable in a sentence?

The formidable hurricane lasted for three days and let the village in ruins. The child believed there was a formidable monster under the bed.

What is the long vowel sound for formidable?

The word formidable has a long rhotic O as in for and form.

How many syllables are in the word formidable?

The word formidable has four syllables. (For-mid-a-ble)

What is the duration of Une famille formidable?

The duration of Une famille formidable is 1.5 hours.

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