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What is the definition of law?

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From the related link below:

the principles and regulations established in a community by some authority and applicable to its people, whether in the form of legislation or of custom and policies recognized and enforced by judicial decision.

The related link below contains other definitions of law also.

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What is the definition of law in science?

There is no definition - what's called a "law" is a simplified version of some theory.

What is meaning of business law?

Definition of business law

What is the definition of contro?

the law on

Definition of law in natural law theory?

t is natural law in jurisprudence

What is the definition of 'legality'?

The answer to the question what the definition of 'legality' is well, the definition of legality is a state of being in accordance with the law and also can be defined as a requirement enjoined by law.

What is the definition of Civil Law?

All law that is not criminal is civil.

Scientific definition of law?

A law is a validated and accepted theory.

What is the chemistry definition for law?


What is the definition for loopholes?

Holes in the law

Definition of newton law?

thank for making the law of physic simply

No one is outside or beyond the law What is the word for this definition?

Rule of Law

What the definition of a statutory felony?

There is not a definition for the term statutory felony. Statutory law however, refers to law put in place by a legislative office.

What is the Legal definition of sister-in-law?

There is no legal definition of sister-in-law. It is a widely used cultural term that is sometimes used in legal situations and has two meanings. Your sister-in-law is the sister of your spouse or the wife of your brother.

What is John Austin's definition of international law?

International Law is not a real Law, but a positive International Morality.

What is the definition of colonial courts?

law place

What is the definition of a scientific concept?

it is a law that is in science

What is the definition of criminal?

A person who breaks the law.

What is the definition for illegal?

Something that is not in compliance with the law.

What is the definition of jurisprudence?

the theory or philosophy of law.

What is definition of causal law?

Casual Law states that it is necessary that every event has a cause.

What is JG starke's definition of law?

what is defeniation of internatioal law in ;ight of g.j stark

What is the definition of lenz's law?

conversation of energy of electromagnetic

What is the definition of scientific law?

It is a repeated observation about nature.

What is the definition of associative law?

pata bahi yar

What is the definition of employee in labor law?

It depends on the state.