What is the definition of racism?

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Racism is a form of discrimination, based on race. Like other forms of discrimination, the core idea is that there are generalized differences between two groups, and that those differences make one group inherently superior.

More specifically, racism is the belief that human races exist and these races possess different abilities and characteristics and that some races are superior to others, making us inherently different and unequal. Often, racists do not want to live in multi-racial societies, rather they encourage separation and segregation and want to live amongst their "own kind." Others, more in keeping with other forms of discrimination, believe that it is perfectly fine to live among members of the "other" group, as long as there is a clear understanding of who is better and who has the power. Subservience and control is usually the goal in this case, as with most gender discrimination.

Racism does not inherently include violence as part of the definition, but when one group believes they are superior to another group, then biased behaviors based on those beliefs can spawn disrespect and humiliation. In extreme cases, racist beliefs (or any discriminatory beliefs) can promote violence, defamation, murder, rape, torture, and/or genocide.

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How many suicidal commitments were caused by racism?

Impossible to answer - racism has no universal definition.

How can you start your speech about racism just no funny?

you could say, "what is racism?" then explain the definition

Is the term whiteguy racist?

There is no uniform definition of racism.

What is the definition of dehumanizing biases?

Biases that deal with racism, sexism, prejudice, and discrimination.

What are the different types of racism?

Historical racismScientific racismInstitutional racismNew Racism

Can black people be called racist without you being racist?

Yes, by definition racism is prejudice because of simply race.

What is the relationship between institutional racism and interpersonal racism?

institutional racism causes interpersonal racism.

How do you confront the racism?

Answer: Do not try. Racism is not illegal. Racism has no legal definition. What you insist is racism is irrelevant.Oppose illegal discrimination - it is defined by law, prohibited by courts, and easy to detect.Answer: One can do their best to educate the racist and get them to understand what they may be misunderstanding about someone elses race or heritage. However, it is the racist's choice in how they want to think and one can't force them to think any other way.

What is a famous quote of Bobby Seale?

"You dont fight racism with racism; the best way to fight racism is with solidarity." "You dont fight racism with racism; the best way to fight racism is with solidarity."

Is racism a power?

No, racism is a right

What is white racism?

It is most likely hating white people...I presume that's what white racism is.

Is there another kind of racism?

PrejudiceRacial discriminationInstitutional racismEconomical racism

What is new racism?

New racism is all the different types of racism manly the new stuff that can be really hurtful and that's what new racism is

What is anti racism?

Being against racism.

What countries have racism?

Every country has racism.

When did racism occur?

Racism has occurred forever.

What is the past tense of racism?

still racism.

When was racism ended?

Racism never ends

What caused institutional racism?

Interpersonal racism

What are the positive of racism?

There is no positive side of racism.

When did racism stopped?

my nan stopped racism

What leads to interpersonal racism?

Institutional racism

Why should we fight against racism?

Because racism is mean and hurtful to the people who are victims of racism!

How do you destroy racism?

Racism can truly never be destoyed.As long as people are alive,racism will be alive.

What are 3 types of Racism?

There are four types Historical , scientific , new racism and institutional racism

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