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It usually means you are getting to know each other. If you are simply "seeing" someone, you are not an item. When you are seeing someone you can still see other people, but conventially, you can have only one boyfriend or girlfriend (in the sense of a romantic relationship).

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Why does your boyfriend cheat on you?

Because they like somebody else but no you. It's the same as if your girlfriend is cheating on you.

What is a cool boo?

Somebody you treat like a boyfriend/girlfriend but aren't in a committed relationship with them.

What is the song where i think the corus is somebody told me that you had a boyfriend that looked like a girlfriend?

The Killers sang this song the title is "somebody told me"

What song goes your boyfriend looks like a girlfriend and everyone hates him?

somebody told me - the killers :)

Why would people get on somebody relationship?

people that are wanting to date your boyfriend or girlfriend are jealous of the relationship that your in and they want to be you .

Can 8 year olds kiss a boy?

Yes if it is your boyfriend or your girlfriend or you like somebody but make sure your parents know

What is the definition of invitation text?

the definition of invitation is when you invite somebody in your or somebody invite you...

How do you get a guy to like you even though he has a girlfriend?

Don't do it, find someone else. How would you feel if somebody stole your boyfriend from you? You can't sink any lower than taking another girl's boyfriend.

What song went like Someone told me you had a boyfriend that looked like a girlfriend that I had in February of last year?

Somebody told me by the killers.This is why google was made.

Why does your ex boyfriend call you every day especially since he had a new girlfriend immedeately after you broke up?

Probably to rub in the fact that he has found somebody else.

What if your friend's flirting with your boyfriend how do you make her jealous?

Get on your boyfriend in front of her. (to 'Get on' somebody is to kiss them)

What do you do if your boyfriend had a baby by somebody else?

Dump him.

What if you want to smack the out of somebody?

friend or boyfriend?

What do you call somebody who does not want a boyfriend?


What is great about having a girlfriend?

It is somebody to talk to that understands you. It is somebody that will always take your side. It is somebody to share things with. It is somebody to be physical and intimate with that cares about you.

Who is Kizzy McHugh's boyfriend?

Kizzy McHugh's boyfriend is somebody,BUT people don't know!

If you like somebody but you don't know if he has a girlfriend or not what do you do to attract his attention and to know if he has girlfriend or not?

Ask him.

My boyfriend is always getting phone calls from girls that claim to be his girlfriend. When i tell him who called for him he never knows who they are. Is he cheating?

It sounds like he is, your boyfriend is taking you for a fool. Go and meet somebody else who will love you and give you the respect you deserve.

What to do if i love somebody' boyfriend?

Move on. Other fish in the sea, you know? And, if that boyfriend would just suddenly drop his girlfriend, what makes you think they wouldn't do it to you, as well? Don't get so eager to get into a relationship that you end up getting into a bad one.

What is the definition of the beating in method?

hurting somebody

What is the definition of the word belittle?

To pick on somebody

What is the definition of companionable?

Somebody who is friendly and comfortable to be with.

What is the definition of user?

Somebody that uses something.

What is the definition of the word convinced?

Persuaded somebody

Who is Tyler James Williams' girlfriend?