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What is the definition of sluice valve?


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It can be defined as followed. Valve in sliding water gate.


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A gate valve, or sluice valve" is a valve that is used to seal off straight-flow lines of fluid. They prevent liquid from flowing.

regulator consisting of a valve or gate that controls the rate of water flow through a sluice

A sluice valve is a gate valve. The terminology 'sluice valve' is usually applied when the gate valve is used in an open channel, like in a dam gate. It can be thought of as a flat plate that can be lowered into or lifted out of the flow channel. Of course, the actual designs are more sophisticated than that.

Absolutely NOTAs well as I know, a sluice valve, also known as a gate valve, is a way to control the flow of water through a straight line pipe. They are simple in operation and quite common. Sluice valves are so named because they operate similarly to a sluice gate. By turning a handle, a gate is lowered into the pipe, blocking the flow.While is a valve that opens by lifting a round or rectangular gate/wedge out of the path of the fluid. Sometimes, it also know as sluice valve. So you can say are same but not absolutely.

The difference is that a sluice gate is made out of cast iron while a slide gate isn't.

a gate valve is a positive shut off valve for liquids and gases and should only be used in the fully open or closed positions, different temperatures and pressures must be considered to insure the correct type of valve to install. a sluice valve is a non-positive shut off valve used for heavier materials such as stone,grain,sand,etc.

Its a vertical plate valve which can be opened to varying heights to allow a controlled water flow.

n. # ## An artificial channel for conducting water, with a valve or gate to regulate the flow: sluices connecting a reservoir with irrigated fields. ## A valve or gate used in such a channel; a floodgate: open sluices to flood a dry dock. Also called sluice gate. # A body of water impounded behind a floodgate. # A sluiceway. # A long inclined trough, as for carrying logs or separating gold ore.v., sluiced, sluic·ing, sluic·es. # To flood or drench with or as if with a flow of released water. # To wash with water flowing in a sluice: sluicing sediment for gold.# To draw off or let out by a sluice: sluice floodwater. # To send (logs, for example) down a sluice.

The sluice was broken.

What is a bathroom sluice

Writing he word sluice in a sentence is easy. You can write " I can put a sluice in the pool".

A gate valve, or a sluice vault, is used when you want as little friction as possible when opening and/or closing a flow in a pipe. In the petroleum industry a knife valve is used to basically cut through the liquid.

Robert Thom has written: 'Memories of the days of old, days of gold, days of 49' 'Description of the new double valve sluice' -- subject(s): Design and construction, Hydraulic gates, Sluice gates, Sluices

You can write the word sluice in a few different sentence. You can write the sentence "I put a sluice in the creek near the house".

Bull Sluice Railroad ended in 1904.

Bull Sluice Railroad was created in 1902.

Ljubljanica Sluice Gate was created in 1944.

Bull Sluice Lake was created in 1904.

A sluice is any watercourse controlled by a moving plate at its end, like a portcullis, in a set of grooves to change the opening size or close it. It is not just the gate/control system itself; this is properly called a sluice gate or slide gate. A butterfly valve has a rotating circular panel inside a pipe; it is commonly used in enclosed systems (pipes) only.

You didn't say if you wanted to use it as a noun or verb, so here is one sentence for each.The miner built a sluice to separate ore from the dirt.Sluice yourself off before you come inside.

race,channel, chute, watercourse, sluice, sluice way, spillway.

The area of Bull Sluice Lake is 2,725,962.4861286404 square meters.

Sluice Boxes State Park was created in 1970.

The term sluice, a water path or trough, is pronounced (sloo-s) to rhyme with juice.

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