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The difference is that a sluice gate is made out of cast iron while a slide gate isn't.

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Q: What is the difference between an slide gate and a sluice gate valve?
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What is the difference between sluice and butterfly valves?

A sluice is any watercourse controlled by a moving plate at its end, like a portcullis, in a set of grooves to change the opening size or close it. It is not just the gate/control system itself; this is properly called a sluice gate or slide gate. A butterfly valve has a rotating circular panel inside a pipe; it is commonly used in enclosed systems (pipes) only.

What is the function of sluice valve?

A gate valve, or sluice valve" is a valve that is used to seal off straight-flow lines of fluid. They prevent liquid from flowing.

What is the functional difference between gate valve and sluice valve?

a gate valve is a positive shut off valve for liquids and gases and should only be used in the fully open or closed positions, different temperatures and pressures must be considered to insure the correct type of valve to install. a sluice valve is a non-positive shut off valve used for heavier materials such as stone,grain,sand,etc.

What is the function of sluice valve in hydrant system?

regulator consisting of a valve or gate that controls the rate of water flow through a sluice

Define sluice valve?

A sluice valve is a gate valve. The terminology 'sluice valve' is usually applied when the gate valve is used in an open channel, like in a dam gate. It can be thought of as a flat plate that can be lowered into or lifted out of the flow channel. Of course, the actual designs are more sophisticated than that.

What is the definition of sluice valve?

It can be defined as followed. Valve in sliding water gate.

Is sluice valve and gate valve same?

Absolutely NOTAs well as I know, a sluice valve, also known as a gate valve, is a way to control the flow of water through a straight line pipe. They are simple in operation and quite common. Sluice valves are so named because they operate similarly to a sluice gate. By turning a handle, a gate is lowered into the pipe, blocking the flow.While is a valve that opens by lifting a round or rectangular gate/wedge out of the path of the fluid. Sometimes, it also know as sluice valve. So you can say are same but not absolutely.

What is the difference between solenoid valve and control valve?

whats the difference between soleniod valve and control valve

What is the difference between check valve and nonreturn valve?

There is no difference between check valve and NRV, both are same

What is the Difference between non return valve and check valve?

There is no difference

What is the difference between globe valve and stop valve?


How can you tell the difference between intake valve and exhuast valve?

no you cant

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