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What is the difference between 'which' and 'wich'?


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September 14, 2011 9:36AM

"Wich" is not a word, and "which" is a word. The spelling of words like "which," "where," "why," and "what" actually indicates a specific pronunciation which, it seems to me, is becoming obsolete. It's hard to describe, especially as the initial sound of a word. But it comes down to pronouncing the "h" sound along with the "w" sound. It is probably more correct to say that the "h" sound comes first, and then the"w" sound. Many speakers have dropped this pronunciation in favor of the simple "w" sound.

Answer 2.

Which is an English word - wich isn't. Which has only two homonyms :-

Witch - a woman following the "old religion". from OE wicca wizard.

Wych - this is found only as a pair of words, wych elm. This is a type of elm tree, botanical name ulmus glabra, sometimes called witch elm. Both tree names are from OE wiche bendable, and have nothing to do with wicca. Nor do wicker or weird which also come from wiche.