What is the difference between Integrated Circuits and Printed Circuit Boards?

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to the man in the street: An integrated circuit is something like an eprom ( a small unit like a chunk of chocolate) that is usually soldered onto a circuit board.
A printed circuit board is a slab of board with holes in it. (like a smaller version of a pegboard) that has lines of copper or similar printed on it for the purpose of connecting all the integrated circuits and resisters together.

short answer = Size

breadboard =
insulation with holes where you mount components
and run wires to interconnect them

printed circuit board=
insulator with copper laminated. copper is etched away to leave wires .. sometimes in several lamentations components are soldered into holes drilled in the wires

Hybrid module=
usually a ceramic insulator with copper laminated wires
components in beam lead packages electron beam welded to the copper

integrated circuit =
the insulator is the substrate usually a diode done over most of the Si wafer in the first diffusion components are built by diffusing different materials in more and more layers
packages or carriers
7400 ic dip 1" x 1/2" surface mount 1/4" x 1/8" beam lead .050" x .025"

SSI MSI LSI small scale, medium scale, large scale... integration
has to do with the color of the light red light 760nm won let you work much smaller than 1 micron... blue light 350Nm maybe 0.5 micron uv perhaps .2micron
xrays gamma rays are a bit more difficult to mask and control
so electron beams are used for smaller stuff perhaps tunneling electrons can bring it down some.
perhaps an order of magnitude breakthrough will give us nanotek
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What is an integrated circuit?

An integrated circuit - or IC - chip is a circuit made withcomponents such as transistors, diodes and resistors that areusually formed simultaneously on a small chip of silicon. ...... Two or more transistors (and they're up to many millions now) ANDsome (or all) of their interconnections on a sin ( Full Answer )

When was first printed circuit board developed?

Related Photo:. http://www.makingthemodernworld.org.uk/icons_of_invention/imgIM.1201_el.jpg. This radio is the first working device to use a printed circuit board (PCB), the electronic technology invented by Paul Eisler. An Austrian refugee in London, Eisler made this radio in 1942, following on f ( Full Answer )

How do you design printed circuit board?

If you want to know a printed circuit board is designed here is the explanation in simple terms. 1. First you decide on the components which are in the design. 2. Need a software in which you can get symbols (both schematic symbols and physical symbols) of standard components and which also all ( Full Answer )

What is the difference between integrated circuit and microcontroller?

A micro controller is a programmable device, it is a small computer on one chip, it can be programmed to control devises in the outside world, IE a PIC see more here http://patenttrade.net, where an integrated circuit is normally a device that is made to do a predefined function like the 555 timer/c ( Full Answer )

How much gold is in printed circuit boards?

Typically very less. Selective gold plating is done in PCBs usually on certain pins, mounting holes, edge fingers or guide rails for specialized applications. The amount of gold plated is very less as the thickness of gold plating is very less (typically few microns). So overall amount of gold on ea ( Full Answer )

How are printed circuit boards manufactured?

Printed circuit board are electronic circuits created by mounting electronic components on anonconductive board, and creating conductive connections between them. The creation ofcircuit patterns is accomplished using both additive and subtractive methods. The conductivecircuit is generally copper, a ( Full Answer )

What is the lifetime of printed circuit board?

Depends on the material it's constructed from, the application for which it's being used and the atmospherics to which it's exposed. I have printed circuit boards from the very first model of an RCA transistor radio made in 1957 and the circuit board as well as the electronics still work.

Who repairs integrated circuit boards?

One possibility is the manufacturer of that particular board. Many have repair/exchange programs.. If the board itself is physically broken and/or burned, it is probably not repairable. If components on the board are bad, it may be repaired.. One possibility is the manufacturer of that particular ( Full Answer )

How much does a printed circuit board cost?

That will vary depending on the size of the board, number ofcircuit layers in the board, number of drill holes needed, if theholes must be plated through or not, cutouts or nonrectangularshape of the board, quantity price breaks available, etc.

Difference between an integrated circuit and transistor?

Basically a transistor is just one single component andhas no function by itself, while an IC is composed of severalcomponents of various types (transistors, diodes, resistors,and capacitors) pre-wired into a specific circuit having a specificfunction that it performs. An IC can now have as few ( Full Answer )

What does a Printed Circuit Board do in a circuit?

A Printed Circuit Board (PCB) is the skeleton of most electronicdevices. It provides not only a solid physical base for thecomponents to be mounted upon, but also the electricalinterconnects (traces) between the components.

How does a printed circuit board work?

A: To make thing to work each independent device must be connected together to work. PCB does nothing else but provide real estate for devices to be installed and copper trace etched on the board provide the connection. To begin with the board is nothing but a copper clad and circuit connections are ( Full Answer )

What does a printed circuit board do?

It acts as a base to mount electronic components on, and it connects those components together in a way that'll make them work as intended.

What can printed circuit boards be used for?

PCB or printed circuit board are copper clad that are chemically etched to establish connections with parts installed on it making it a working circuit Today, just about every electronic appliance in your home contains a printed circuit board of some type: computers, printers, televisions, stereos ( Full Answer )

How do you repair printed circuit board?

A broken path can be bridged with a piece of wire, and if it isn't all surface mounted, a broken component can be de-soldered and replaced.

What are the differences between hybrid and monolithic integrated circuits?

MONOLITHIC IC It is that the components such as semiconductor materials,passive components(resistor,capacitor,inductor and transformer) etc ,which is used in ic is fabricated within the single semiconductor(say silicon) wafer and there is no such shortages between the components and this have sepa ( Full Answer )

What is the difference between integrated circuits and vacuum tubes?

Integrated circuits use semiconductor material for the electrons to flow, and variations in the type of material to control the flow. Vacuum tubes use an electron beam and a voltage applied to a grid to slow down or speed up the electrons. One major difference in practice, is that vacuum tubes requi ( Full Answer )

What is the Difference Of an Integrated circuit with Discrete Components?

Discrete components - each component: vacuum tube, transistor, resistor, capacitor, etc. is individually packaged, then connected together to make a circuit. . Integrated circuit - multiple components are packaged together making a complete circuit as one integrated device. Modern ICs frequently ( Full Answer )

What is the integrated circuit about?

Integrated circuit also called as chips or microchips is a miniaturized electronic circuit made in a thin substrate of semiconductor materials. It consists mainly of semiconductors and passive components of the circuit.

Are printed circuit boards poisonous?

The short answer is no, but be careful anyway. The board itself is made of paper and epoxy resin which is nottoxic but is not good for you. The real problem is the componentson the board and the solder. All solder on older boards willcontain lead, but most newer boards use lead free solder as much ( Full Answer )

What is a printed circuit board?

A printed circuit board is basically used to mechanically support while at the same time electrically connecting electronic components by using conductive pathways. The process is very simple. motherboard is a printed circuit ,where all components of the system is connected. Printed circuit board ( Full Answer )

What is difference between an integrated circuit and differential circuit?

An integrated circuit is any circuit that is integrated into a single chip. A differential (amplifier?) circuit is a specific type of circuit, which can be built from discrete parts, but is often built into (analog) integrated circuits (ICs) as a fundamental component of the IC.

Why are printed circuit boards used when constructing an electronic circuit?

It has a number of purposes. It provides a solid surface to mount the other components onto. It creates the connections in a neat and organized way that would not be possible if you just soldered each component to the next one. It also maintains the spacing to allow heat dissipation.

How a printed circuit board workes?

A printed circuit board (PCB) is a usually flat insulated board with conductors printed on it. It may be single sided, or it may be two sided, or it may have up to 50 internal layers. It is used because it eliminates the time consuming task of hand wiring individual components...they are simply sol ( Full Answer )

Why put earthed strip between a circuit and the circuit board?

An earthed strip is a low resistance strip. as we know that a current always flows along a path which is having the least resistance.Whenever a fault current flows through the circuit and a possiblity is there that it may damage the ckt & ckt board the earth strip allows the fault current to flow th ( Full Answer )

What is the difference between an integrated circuit and a vacuum tube?

A: An IC can perform many functions while the tube can only amplify. The IC is very small in size1000:1 ratio. the IC is very power efficient compered to a tube. To add the IC chip is even smaller then the actual size most of the bulk is plastic and it is needed to route internal wire connection to ( Full Answer )

How do you make Printed circuit board?

A: To make one at home you need a copper clad of the right size a way to mask off the copper that is going to be removed and finally a chemical to do just that remove the copper. popular is ferric sulfide.

What does a printed circuit board look like?

Printed circuit boards are typically green or red, with a lot of holes on the surface through which to put the leads of electronic components. An unfinished board will have its traces (lines of conducting material) very visible, until all of the components are added and soldered on, at which point t ( Full Answer )

What is the difference between a chip and an integrated circuit?

Chip and integrated circuit are both names for the same thing. Sometimes, the integrated circuit can be multiple chips and other components mounted on one assembly, such as the L1 cache on certain microprocessors, but, in general, its the same thing.

What are the difference between vacuum tube and integrated circuit?

An integrated circuit uses transistors instead of vacuum tubes. Transistors and vacuum tubes can do the same things, in terms of how they alter the flow of an electric current in a circuit, however, vacuum tubes are much larger, and they are also much less reliable, since they will eventually burn o ( Full Answer )

What is the difference between microprocessor and integrated circuit?

A microprocessor is a specific type of integrated circuit , integrating most or all of the functionality of a programmable general purpose digital electronic computer onto a single chip or small number of chips. An integrated circuit can be any of many different types of circuits integrated onto ( Full Answer )

What is the difference between a circuit board and a integrated circuit?

A circuit board has several components soldered to it, some of these components may be integrated circuits. . The circuit board may be changed or rewired by hand, an integrated circuit cannot normally be changed or rewired (except for some Programable Logic Device integrated circuits, which can be ( Full Answer )

How is a printed circuit board fabrication created?

Printed circuit board fabrication is the process of manufacturing PCBs. PCB stands for Printed Circuit Board. Engineers designed this fabrication progress and the purpose of PCB is to mechanically support and electrically connect electronic components.

How is an integrated circuit used in a circuit?

That will depend on the type of the integrated circuit. There arefar too many completely different types of integrated circuits tomake any meaningful comment here. A typical manufacturer's databook for just one family of related integrated circuit types can beover 3 inches thick! Many of the integra ( Full Answer )

What are printed circuit boards made of?

Generally,there are the below kinds materials for printed circuit boards: 1. Rigid phenolic resin laminate sheet of paper substrate CCL FR-1 economy, flame retardant 2. FR-2 high electrical resistance, flame (cold red) 3. Epoxy copper clad board FR-3 high electrical resistance, flame retardant Polye ( Full Answer )

What is the difference between a discrete circuit and integrated circuit?

A discrete circuit is one in which the individual components arediscrete as in physically seperate. Anything you usually build on a bradboard is discrete. Integratedcircuits are the silicon chips you see around where many discreteelements are fabricated on a single silicon wafer.

What is the material to make printed circuit board?

The board material is either a paper-phenolic composite ora paper-epoxy composite. The conductive traces are copper . Boards can be made in anything from single sidedto more than 30 layers of copper traces. Many materials have been used over the years and most are suitableas long as they are ins ( Full Answer )