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What is the difference between Jar and Ear and War files?

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JAR files (Java ARchive) allows aggregating many files into one, it is usually used to hold Java classes in a library. i.e. Math.jar

WAR files (Web Application aRchive) stores XML, java classes, and JavaServer pages for Web Application purposes.

EAR files (Enterprise ARchive) combines JAR and WAR files to make a combined archive for Enterprise Applications.

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What is the difference between exe and jar files?

I believe a jar takes up less memory but requires java to run exe and jar (although a jar is similar to a zip file) can NOT be run on Mac software.

What is the difference between a mason jar and a kilner jar?

The main difference between a mason jar and a kilner jar is the top. A kilner jar has a rubber-sealed screw top, while a mason jar has a disc-shaped metal lid and an outer metal part that screws around it.

How do you play JAR files?

you can play the jar files by transfer it in to nokia mobile phones

How do you convert sis files?

In order to covert SIS files to JAR files, you will need to download a safe and virus free SIS to JAR converter. This then compresses the files and allows you to open them in JAR format.

What is the difference between JAD and JAR?

JAD-Java Application Description JAR-Java archive

Why path and class-path in java?

1))What is the difference between "path" and "classpath"? Ans:: We keep all "executable files"(like .exe files) and "batch files"(like .bat) in path variable. And we keep all jar files and class files in classpath variables. So path is set according to the .exe files & .bat files And classpath is set according to the .jar files & .class files. Operating system tries to find .exe and .bat files in path and JVM tries to find all classes in classpath.

Does jar files work on Samsung s3500?

no it does work,can you help how to work jar files on my samsung s3500..

WinRAR ZIP archive to jar conversion?

JAR files are simply ZIP files with a different extension. Just chnage the extension from .zip to .jar.

Can jar files be deleted?


How do you compile java servlet?

The Java Servlet is like every other Java class. You can compile it using the javac command or if you are using a Integrated Development Environment (IDE) like Eclipse, it will compile the class for you. One main difference w.r.t Servlets is the fact that, they get deployed into EAR files (Enterprise Archive Files) and not JAR files (Java Archive Files) like normal java apps.

How can you install jar files in samsung c5212i?

mobile jar install

Will nokia 2690 supports jar and jad files?

No just jar

Which software converts a sis file to a jar file?

SIS files are Symbian and JAR files are java. The software that converts a SIS file to a JAR file is called Sis to Jar Converter

Sis to jar converter?

A SIS to JAR converter converts Symbian files from Nokia mobile phones to Java files. Software that can do this is Sis to Jar Converter

What is the difference between the mass in a jar of salsa and a chip with salsa?


What are the jar files in servlets?

The Java Archive (JAR) file format enables you to bundle multiple files into a single archive file and Typically a JAR file contains the class files and auxiliary resources associated with applets and applications

How do you combine multiple jar file into one jar file so that multiple jar files can be run from one jar file?


How do you convert c file to jar file?

Jar files are basically zip files, but they are supposed to store java classes, they have nothing to do with C.

Does android support jar applications?

You can't install jar files on Andriod devices but you can include jar as library in your application.

What is a jar file in java?

JAR stands for Java Archive File It is nothing but an archive of Java class files. You can compare the jar file to a zip file which would compress and contain multiple document files.

What program do you need to view jar files?

JAR file is Java Archive file where all classes and related meta information is stored. Basically this format is based or is plain ZIP archive.To launch application in JAR file:java -jar .jarTo extract files from JAR file:jar -xvf .jarIt is possible to create/extract using any other plain ZIP utility.

How can you open jar file?

jar openjava -jar filename.jar jar files are basically zip files with an extension of jar. If you just want to view the contents of the file, you may use programmes like winzip or winrar etc.But if you want to use the jar file for some execution you should j2me, or sjboy emulator

Is Nokia 2690 supports sis files? will support only .jar files....

What is the difference between and bottle and a jar?

A Jar is used for things such as jam or peanutbutter, A bottle is used to store liquids both can be used either way but the main difference i guess you could say is the shape.

How to convert exe file to jar files?*