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MDR tuberculosis :- Resistance to H and R

XDR tuberculosis :- Resistance to H and R

to one injectable antibiotics

to Fluroquinolone

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Q: What is the difference between XDR and MDR tuberculosis?
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What is XDR tuberculosis?

XDR or extremely drug resistant tuberculosis is at a form of tuberculosis which does not respond to usual tb treatment.

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Should patients with XDR-TB be confined in special hospitals?


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Does tuberculosis still exist?

Yes. Tuberculosis very well exists.Though TB is not prevalent in developed countries like USA, it remains a world-wide public health problem, 85% of all TB cases are in the region of South East Asia, Africa and Western Pacific.During the year 2008, there were approximately 9 million incident cases (new cases) globally with 11million prevalent (old + new) cases in the same year..with 1.8 million deaths!!HIV patients are most prone to TB. Out of the 11million cases mentioned above, 1.4 million were of HIV-associated TB.The main reason for TB to be so prevalent is poor socio-economic status, therefore malnutrition, low hygiene, overcrowding-leading to spread of diseases.The treatment regime is under DOTS (direct observed treatment short course) programme which is a 6 to 8months long course, which patients, unless counselled, don't tend to follow, in spite of being given free medicines..Other reasons are the side-effects of drugs.The major problem we face now is the emergence of multi drug resistance (MDR) TB (0.15 million deaths due to MDR-TB) and extensively drug resistant (XDR) TB(50,000 deaths), wherein the tubercle bacilli DO NOT respond to the drugs!!INDIA has the highest TB burden in the world, accounting for 20% of the global cases. Here, TB kills 0.32 million cases every year.

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Here are only a few diseases starting with X & Y, because there really aren't many. X: XDR TB Disease (Drug-Resistant TB) Y: Yellow Fever Yersoniosis

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