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2 bolt vs 4 bolt main. A 2 bolt has two bolts holding the main bearing caps on. A 4 bolt has four bolts holding the main bearing caps on. A 2 bolt will not withstand 500 HP for a long period of time. note: 500 HP is an incredible, almost impossible amount of HP to get out of a 350. It can be done but you'll need lots and lots and lots of money.

That is an addon yes 4 bolts is what you need !!! Don't even try with two bolts or it is going to blow. Well I have seen this little baby to hit 560 HP with a 250 Shot of Nitrous but yes it will cost a little more to do that

Nelson Racing Engines has a Small Block Chevy 355 twin turbo, putting out 800 HORSEPOWER. Now this is not an all out race engine, it is part of their daily drivers series, it can be beaten every day of the week, driven to work, abused on the track at the weekends, and survive.

Small block Chevy's are some of the most powerful, and toughest engines on Earth. Rod Saboury is putting out 2,400 horsepower in his 1963 Corvette, with a 427 small block, and yes, a 350 can be bored and stroked to a 427 with major block clearancing for a 4.000"+ crankshaft.

Whats the hang up with a 4 bolt block anyway. I have built many 450-600 HP 2 bolt engines.

In fact the stock 4 bolt setup is been proven to be weaker than the 2 bolt due to where Chevy placed the outer main bolts. They are placed in weakest part of main saddle/block and will stress crack easier.

An ARP studded 2 bolt block would be stronger than a stock 4 bolt.

Plus the caps will break before the # of bolts matter really.

If your looking for the strongest setup then you want a 2 bolt block and have it machined for splayed 4 bolt conversion then use billet splayed caps, with ARP studs

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What is the difference between a 2 bolt main 350 and a 4 bolt main 350 Will a 2 bolt hold 500hp?

The difference between a 2 bolt main and 4 bolt main is how many bolts hold the caps that hold on the crankshaft. (A 2 bolt main has 2 bolts to every cap and the 4 bolt main has 4 bolts to every cap) A 2 bolt main should be able to handle 500hp as long as you don't push it above 5500RPMs.

What is the difference between BMW 645Ci and BMW M6?

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How much horsepower do mustangs have?

From a low of 120hp to a high of 500hp in the 2007 Shelby GT500

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How much would it cost to pull 500hp out of a 1996 eclipse GS?

5k new engine

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What do you need to do to get 500HP out of your 350 small block?

You will need to spend 4 to 5 thousand dollars are more.

What is fuel milage on 1995 n14 500hp 1995 peterbilt 357?

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Iv read and herd for them to hold up to 500hp stock

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srt-10 Ram with a 500hp/ 525 ft-lb viper v10 engine

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In 2007 it only had 500hp and was electronically limited to 155mph. The latest 2014, with its 662hp has a top speed of 202mph.

How much horse power does the 2007 gt500 have?

for 2007-2009 the ford mustang gt500 had 500hp and 480 lbs -ft of metal twisting torque

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Dodge Tomahawk (Worlds Fastest Bike) 8.3L V10 engine producing 500HP! A Very Very Fast Bike.

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138hp. From the Chevy website the zr1 has 638HP, there is a HP limit of 500HP to race in the ALMS.

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the shaft will, but the axle clips might not, but that is a very cheap fix, the clips are around 15 for a set

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Answer is obvious, the viper srt10 has more power and handling besides even though the gt500 stang has over 500hp the viper is way more lightweight, -edgar rival battle time.

Does the mustangs 4.6 engine have more horse power than the 5.0?

NO the 5LT has 500HP and the 4.6 300HP =========================================================== It would depend on WHAT MODEL YEAR of Ford Mustang My 1991 5.0 liter H.O. LX was rated at 225 horsepower from the factory

How much power will my engine have?

it depends on what kind of engine it is. if it's an engine purely made for racing it can have 600+ hp. if it's an engine like a standard sedan or a pickup it will typically have less than 450hp (unless you have a 2010 Corvette with 500hp).