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What is the difference between a Certificate of Destruction and a Salvaged Title?

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2005-04-07 13:45:43

A Certificate of Destruction is when the a salvage yard has sent

a car to the crusher and before it is crushed he must have the

Vehicle ID number check to make sure he has title to destroy the

car for scrap metal. Salvaged Title is when a Insurance Title

company has deemed a car damaged in a accident i.e. crash,natural

diaster,stolen stripped, to repair this car exceeds the cost of the

car. So the Insurance company pays-off the owner of the car then

sells the car to salvage yard but they put a Salvage Title on the

Vin as to make sure if this vehicle is return back in to service

the new owner knows that it was deemed totalled. Also so the

insurance companies will know if it ever is asked to be insured

again they will insure at a lower replacement cost.

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