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The difference between a Lan Card and a modem are this - A Lan card is a card that you slide into the side of a laptop and it can allow you the ability to get onto a network wirelessly. A Lan card for a PC allows a Lan connection by way of a CAT 5 cable that will allow you to get onto the internet or if a crossover cable is attached to your PC to another you are directly connected to the network. A modem is a piece of hardware that is installed into a slot in the PC that will allow you the ability to get onto the internet by attaching a phone line to it through the RJ 11 jack (which it comes with 2 rj11 jacks on it)

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Q: What is the difference between a LAN card and a Modem?
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What is the difference between a LAN Card and a Network Adapter Card?

There is no difference.

What is the difference between a modem and wireless router?

Modem is used to connect cable, DSL and so type of network to LAN networks using twisted pair. Wireless routers are used (in most cases) to connect modem to LAN (wireless and wired).

Difference between NIC and LAN card?

they both are exact same...

What are the Main difference between LAN and WAN?

LAN is internal. IE, your computer, router, modem. WAN is external, such as your computer, a server on the internet, a corporate database. Not to be confused with WLAN, which is wireless LAN

What is a 11Mbps Wireless LAN PC Card?

This is an 802.11b WiFi modem in your computer

Why do computers use modems?

Modems are used to connect through to internet without modem you can use LAN(Local area network) card to connect to another computer which has the internet and modem installed and can use internet by using LAN Card.

Does the compaq presario s4000nx have a WLAN card?

No, it doesn't. It has a built in Intel network adapter and a modem card, but no wireless LAN.

What two things do you need to do in order to be able to log onto a LAN?

Network Card Modem

Hardware component that allows a computer to send and receive data?

PCI Modem or Network Interface Card (NIC or LAN Card)

What is a Hardware component that allows a computer to send and receive data?

PCI Modem or Network Interface Card (NIC or LAN Card)

What is the difference between a Lan and a WLAN?

WLAN is simply Wireless LAN.

What is the difference in distance between lan and wan?

distance covered by lan

What is the difference between MAN and LAN?

man is a person lan is letters

What is the difference between a wireless LAN and a wireless G card?

There is LAN (Local Area Network) which is hardwired through ethernet cable. Then there is WAN (Wireless Area Network) which would be your Wireless G Card using no wires.

What is the connection point between an ISP and a LAN?

This can vary depending on your type of service, but generally your modem (usually supplied by your ISP) would act as the connection between your ISP and your LAN.

What is essential for connecting two computers in a local area network (LAN)?

Modem b. Ethernet cards or USB ports c. VGA card d. Internet connection

What is the difference between a D915GAV and D915PGN?

PGN doesn't have onboard vga card while the GAV does have a built in vga car. LAN on PGN is a must while GAV can come with or without LAN.

How LAN is extended through D-Link DSL 1504G modem using bridge mode?

When using bridge mode, a person can extend their LAN service to another or through another modem. LAN can be made faster if bridged through a DSL modem.

Why important LAN card?

A local area network card allows your computer to connect to other computers. You need a LAN socket if you want to use high speed Internet. If you want to use dial-up, you'd need a dial-up modem. However if you use cable, fiber, DSL, or satellite Internet with a regular PC, you will need a LAN socket unless the modem used with the service plugs into your USB port.

What are the Types of LAN card?

tow tyap of lan card

The difference between wire less LAN and wire lan?

A wired LAN uses wires to connect the computers but a wireless LAN uses radio waves.

What is the difference between pan and LAN?

PAN is Personal Area Network and the LAN is Local Area Network.

What is ralink rt2860 wireless lan card?

it is a wireless lan card

What is difference between wired and wireless LAN?

A wired lan uses wires to connect the computers, a wireless lan uses radio waves.

Why we use lan card?

A LAN card is used to connect a computer to the LAN (local area network).

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