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What is the difference between a cracked block and a blown head gasket?


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2006-01-23 03:43:30
2006-01-23 03:43:30

A cracked block means that the engine itself is cracked. A blown head-gasket means that the gasket between the engine and the head has blown. Either can be caused by overheating the engine. When an engine overheats the head can warp causing the head-gasket to give out. In some engines the heat cracks the block. If the block is cracked, it's over. If the head-gasket is blown you can always machine the head surface and put it all back together.

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If you suspect the head and/or the block, have them "magnafuxed" by a machine shop. On the other hand, as you're pulling it apart, check the head gasket and if it's shot, there is usually only the one problem.

blown head gasket or cracked block blown head gasket or cracked block

The head bolts to the block. The head gasket goes in between the head and block to seal the head to the block.

Blown head gasket, cracked head, or cracked block.

A blown gasket can be repaired by replacing the gasket...if you are talking about the head gasket, then you have to remove the cylinder head from the engine block and replace the gasket that is inbetween them. Cracked heads generally have to be replaced because they are made of aluminum which cannot be repaired permanently once it is cracked.

you could have a cracked block or a blown head gasket it could even be a cracked head

because the block is cracked or a head is cracked. or if you are lucky it could be just a head gasket. Has it overheated?

Bad head gasket Cracked head Cracked block

Blown head gasket, cracked hed or cracked block

Cracked Engine Block or blown head gasket.

Blown head gasket, cracked head or cracked block. Busted head gasket; cracked cylinder head; broken piston; or bad oil pan gasket if driving thru high water.

A cracked head or a cracked block can also cause this.

Blown head gasket - Warped or cracked head - cracked block.

Yes. The head gasket forms the seal between the engine block and the head(s). The valve cover gasket seals the gap between the valve cover and the valve train it is covering.

intake manifold gasket,head gasket,cracked head,cracked block. was it overheated? was cold water added to hot engine?

warped valve cover. bad gasket. cracked valve cover cracked block

Cracked block or blown head gasket.

No. Your head gasket or block is likely cracked.

You may have a cracked block on an inner wall.

Let's see...cracked head, cracked head gasket, cracked intake gasket, bad cylinder liner or cracked block, air compressor head gasket...if this was a Cat 3116 I'd also look at the oil cooler or an injector sleeve, but it's not so that's probably not it.

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