What is the difference between a general builder and a general contractor?

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The General Builder does the work himself. The General Contractor has other people do the work.
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What is the difference between contractors general liability coverage contractors professional liability and builders risk coverage?

Answer . Builders Risk - 1st Party coverage for a building under construction - covers the Property - building & materials.. Contractors GL - Covers your exposure for caus

Where to get general liability policy for general contractor?

Contact a licensed commercial insurance agent in your area. It will be able to assist you if it do not sell the particular coverage you need by referring you to another broker

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Generator is the general term for mechanical devices that make electricity. Source: Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary (1913). Alternator is a type of generator. It is o

Builder vs general builder?

If you mean a general contractor, then A builder typically handles the construction of your home. This can include setting the foundation, framing, roofing, as well as erectin

What is the difference between a generator and a inverter generator?

Inverter generators utilise a technology that leaves standard generators far behind. They produce DC power and the 'Inverter' feature converts it to 3-phase AC power at high f

What is the difference between contractors and general contractor?

a general contractor is who is license with a general building license (b) and is permitted to take jobs in whole a contractor or specialty contractor are the contractor that

What is the difference between a general engineering contractor and a general building contractor?

A general engineering contractor is a contractor whose principalcontracting business is in connection with fixed works requiringspecialized engineering knowledge and skill, in

Difference between an inverter generator and a generator?

An inverter generator typically has an engine that can be run at variable speed depending upon the load. The engine is connected to an efficient alternator whose output is con
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Are they a difference between a general contractor and a contractor?

general contractors differ in that they are familiar with all aspects of the building process, from vacant land all the way through the processes to complete a home, office bu
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What is the difference between a prime contractor and a general contractor?

They are synonymous. i.e., They mean the same thing. Prime Contractor = General Contractor. Some construction projects have multiple primes (multi-prime contract), where each
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Generous with is a general term If someone is generous with money it does not say how Generous to is specific, not general If someone is generous to someone else, that says wh