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A cloud in outer space consisting of gas or dust and planetry nebula is one of the types also called ring nebula or A planetary nebula is an emission nebula consisting of a glowing shell of gas

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Q: What is the difference between a planetery nebula and a nebula?
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What is the difference between a nebula and a crab nebula?

The Crab Nebula is a nebula.

What is the difference between nebula and nebulae?

a nebula is one nebula. nebulae are 2 or more nebulas.

What is the difference in between nebula and solar nebula?

A solar nebula is related to the formation of our Solar System, any other nebula is just a nebula.

What is the difference between nebula and solar nebula?

Both are the same except the solar nebula is the nebula that formed our solar system.

What is the difference between a emission nebula and a reflection nebula?

Emission nebula glow and reflection nebula reflect the light form other stars

What is the different between a galaxy and a nebula?

it is plop of a difference

What is the difference between the Helix Nebula and the Ring Nebula?

The helix nebula is more close than the ring nebula, as well as much brighter and larger than the ring but with low surface brightness.

Whats the difference between a nebulae and a nebula?

"Nebula" is a astronomical term for a cloud of gas and dust. "Nebulae" is the plural of "Nebula" and refers to more than one such cloud.

What is the difference between a nebula and a molecular cloud?

A molecular cloud is a type of nebula where it's density and size permits the formation of molecules.

What is the difference of a nebula and a solor nebula?

The diffreence between a solar nebula and a Nebula is its size and if it is Intersteller or not a solor nebula is usually larger and forms a Solar System where a regular nebula is smaller and is mostly the result of a collapsed star or a Supernova.

Is there a difference between a planetary nebula and a stellar nebula?

Yes.There is the Life-Cycle of Stars. The first stage is stellar nebula. Much later in the cycle is the planetary nebula; after the Red Giant, and before the White Dwarf.

What is the difference between a planetary nebula and a nebula?

A nebula is a large cloud of gas in space, a planetary nebula is the large cloud of expanding superheated gas caused by the explosion of a red giant or other very large, very hot star. Neither have anything to do with planets.

What is the difference between a nebula and a stellar nebular?

Stellar is just like a birthmother that creates new stars, like a girls. NEBULA IS A BIRTHPLACE AND BIRTHMOTHER that also creates new stars but in a guys version

What is the difference in shape between the nebulae and an eagle nebula?

There isn't 'an' Eagle Nebula. There is 'the' Eagle Nebula. This is just the familiar name for a large cloud surrounding the Open Cluster M16. Nebulae come in all conceivable shapes and sizes, so they are all different from each other!

What is the difference between a Nebula and a Supernova?

A Nebula is a cloud of interstellar dust, hydrogen gas, helium gas and plasma, whereas a supernova is the explosion of a massive star. See related link for more information

What is difference between dark nebulae and bright nebulae?

Bright nebula are clouds of gas and dust that shine by reflected starlight. Dark nebula are clouds of dust and colder gas that can be seen by their silhouette against brighter objects behind them in the line of sight.

What is the difference between Orion and the Orion nebula?

Orion is a constellation made up in the minds of the ancients to represent "Orion" a hunter in mythology. The Orion Nebula is a diffuse nebula located south or Orion's belt. It is an area of extensive star formation. It is only called Orion Nebula as it is seen within the constellation of Orion. See related questions

What is the difference between a solar nebula and a solar system?

A nebula is just a cloud of dust and small particles. The solar system is larger bodies like Jupiter, Saturn, etc. Our solar system has had most of the dust coalesced into planets, satellites, comets, and such.

What is the difference between a solar nebula and a star?

A star is a large ball of gas, comprised mostly of hydrogen and helium, undergoing fusion as its main source of energy. A solar nebula is the remnants of a star's formation, the gas and dust was not accreted with the star. The solar nebula is thought to form the planets that orbit around the sun.

What is the difference between a nebula and a protostar?

Imagine the inside of an orange juice carton and the inside of a milk carton. It is exactly like that only to a bigger scale.

What is the difference between the crab nebula and the Orion nebula?

Crab Nebula:Pulsar wind nebulaSupernova remnantRadius of 5.5 ly6,500 light years awayOrion Nebula:Diffuse nebulaStellar nurseryRadius of 12 ly1,244 light years awayEdit: M1, the Crab Nebula, is related to the death of a star. The Orion Nebula, M42, is relateted to the birth of stars.

Why did gravitational attraction in the solar nebula pull matter into spheres?

Gas and dust that make up nebula are made of matters. The matters of nebula are held together by gravity. There are lots of space in nebula between the particles. Gravitational attraction between the particles keeps them from drifting apart in a sphere.

What is another name for Bohr's model?

the planetery model

What is the connection between pulsars and the Crab Nebula?

At the centre of the Crab Nebula is the neutron star - Crab pulsar.

What is a planetery day?

It's the length of time between two solar transits as observed from the planet's surface. That's typically close to the time the planet takes to make one complete axial rotation. In the case of Earth, the difference between the two is a bit less than 4 minutes.