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it is plop of a difference


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The galaxy contains the nebula.

Earth is IN a galaxy - as is the nebula.

A Galaxy is far bigger than a nebula.

Well there are different kinds of nebulas, if you consider the fact a galaxy and a nebula are the same i would say that 1 example would be ... a spiral nebula.

galaxies are a type of nebula.

The Orion nebula is part of our own galaxy (the Milky Way). The Orion nebula is about 1500 light-years away from us. Our galaxy is about 100000 light-years across.

Yes. A nebula is just a big gas cloud. A galaxy will contain many nebulas.

Planets> Pluto, Mercury Mars Venus, Earth, Neptune, Uranus, Saturn, Jupiter Stars> Sun, Sirius, Pollux, Arcturus, Aldebaren, Rigel, Pistol Star, Betelguese, Antares, V354 Cephei, VV Cephei A, VY Canis Majoris There are nebulas and galaxies. Nebulas> Homunculus Nebula, Sting Ray Nebula, Cat's Eye Nebula, Hourglass Nebula, Blinking Nebula, Ring Nebula, Boomerang Nebula, Horsehead Nebula, Bubble Nebula, Cone Nebula, Pillars Of Creation, Crab Nebula, Orion Nebula, Eagle Nebula, Great Nebula Of Carina, Rossete Nebula, Lagoon Nebula, Barnard's Loop, Tarentula Nebula Galaxies> Canis Major Dwarf Galaxy, Sagittarius Dwarf Galaxy, Small Magellanic Cloud, Large Magellanic Cloud, Sombrero Galaxy, Trianglum Galaxy, Milky Way Galaxy, Andromeda Galaxy, Cartwheel Galaxy, Pinwheel Galaxy, Whirlpool Galaxy, Tadpole Galaxy, NGC 4889, IC 1101, I don't really know the names of these> Abell 2029, Local Group, Virgo Cluster, Virgo Supercluster, Eridanus Supervoid, Pisces-Cetus, Supercluster Complex Diameter Of The Universe> At Least 150 Billion Light-Years

The Crab Nebula is within our own Milky Way Galaxy, but at a distance of about 6500 light years from Earth.

Nebula exist in all galaxies.

yes some of the largest nebulae in the milky way galaxy are the horsehead nebula and the eagle nebula.

Yes. There are many planetary nebulae in our galaxy.

A galaxy is a massive collection of stars and nebulae, typically with a supermassive black hole at the center. A nebula is just a cloud of gas.

Not much other than that they both emit light in large quantities.A nebula is a grouping of billions of stars, while a supernova is a single star exploding at a stage in its development.Comments: That meaning of "nebula" as a galaxy (or a star cluster within a galaxy) is a bit out of date now. Nowadays a nebula usually means a cloud of gas and dust. It doesn't usually emit much light.Actually there is a connection between a supernova and a nebula.Some of the stuff found in nebulae comes from supernova explosions.

No, it is a large collection of gas in space.

No, it's the opposite.

No. Nebulae exist in almost every galaxy.

Considering the distance to the Cats Eye Nebula is only 3,300 light years away, it is going to be within our own Milky Way Galaxy.

the galaxy is different then the universe

Yes, they often contain several.

yeesss.! I did a science project on it and got an A.!

Nebulae are found in most galaxies

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