Is a nebula a galaxy

Updated: 4/28/2022
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No, it is a large collection of gas in space.

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Q: Is a nebula a galaxy
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Is a nebula further from earth than a galaxy?

Earth is IN a galaxy - as is the nebula.

What is bigger a galaxy or a gaseous nebula?

A Galaxy is far bigger than a nebula.

What is the largest a nebula galaxy neutron star or a globular cluster?

A nebula galaxy does not exist.

Which galaxy is the Orion nebula in?

The Orion nebula is part of our own galaxy (the Milky Way). The Orion nebula is about 1500 light-years away from us. Our galaxy is about 100000 light-years across.

Is a galaxy bigger than a nebula?

Yes. A nebula is just a big gas cloud. A galaxy will contain many nebulas.

What is another name for nebula?


What galaxy is the reflection nebula in?


Nebula may exist only within your galaxy?

Nebula exist in all galaxies.

Are there any planetary Nebula in your galaxy?

Yes. There are many planetary nebulae in our galaxy.

What is the different between a galaxy and a nebula?

it is plop of a difference

What is the hottest star in the galaxy?

The nebula NGC 2440

What order do these go in Galaxy Universe Solar System Planet Star Nebula Largest to smallest?

Universe, galaxy,nebula,solar system, star, planet