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A reflex arc doesn't go all the way up to the brain.

Thus it NEVER becomes part of the thought process.

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Q: What is the difference between a reflex arc and a normal nerve impulse?
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What is the path of a reflex impulse?

the path of a refex impulse

What is the direction of a nerve impulse along a reflex?

along a reflex

Why is there a difference between the reflex and reaction times?

Reflex is a reflex, but reaction time is how fast you can do it.

The simplest pathway of an impulse is?

A Reflex

What is the difference between a unconditioned reflex and a conditioned reflex?

does not involve nerves

What are the difference between reflex arc and reflex action?

Reflex arc is the path of reflex action. Reflex Action is action it self

What is the correct path travel for an impulse from the receptor to the effector in a reflex action?

an impulse follows a path called as reflex arch pathway.

What are effectors of a reflex arc?

the nerve pathways followed by an impulse during a reflex.

What is the difference about reflex actions and normal?

because Answers

Why does a reflex nerve pathway move faster than a normal nerve transmission?

Reflex nerve pathway is a monosynaptic transmission. There are no interneurons involved. Only the limb that carries the afferent nerve impulse from the stimulus and the efferent motor function for the reflex involved. That is why it is faster. Normal nerve transmission require an interpretation of the impulse by the brain whereas reflex pathways do not. Another reason is because most reflexes from the exteroreceptors travel along myelinated axons (white matter) which carry the impulse faster than other neurons that have unmyelinated axons (grey matter).

During a reflex the nerve impulse reaches?

the brain

How does nerve impulse travel to the reflex arc?


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