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A sentence is a complete thought with a noun and verb.

A sentence fragment is just part of a sentence and does not make a complete thought.

The above are sentences.

Here are some fragments that make no sense:

the sentence fragment?

what is?

your answer in a complete sentence

the boy who lived down the street

because he had to go home

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sentence is a complete thought with a noun and verb. Fragment is just part of a sentence and does not make a complete thought.

Sentence groups of words that express complete thoughts or ideas..Fragment do not express complete ideas..

A fragment is not a complete sentence, a run-on is a sentence that can be separated into two sentences

A clipped sentence is when unknow or missed words are used. Ex: A Dr is talking about a right hand in a report then right in the middle of the report he says left foot , But you know he is talking about the hand still. A sentence fragment a not a compleat thought

It is a sentence fragment if it has no subject or no finite verb. A sentence fragment is an incomplete thought.

Do you work? is a complete sentence; it is not a sentence fragment.

"She wave." is fragment but "She waves" is a sentence.

In English Grammar a fragment, also known as a sentence fragment is an incomplete sentence. This means that the fragment cannot stand on its own as a sentence.

Yes, a sentence fragment is one type of incomplete sentence.

Make each fragment into a complete sentence.

"After the storm," is not a complete sentence so it is a fragment.

Example of a sentence fragment.

A sentence is a complete thought with a verb and a simple subject.A fragment is a incomplete thought with no verb, and it doesn't make sense..ex: "In the final edition of today's newspaper" fragment.ex: "Ellen reserved two theater tickets for Friday evening." sentence.

Somebody will have to improve on this answer. One similarity between a sentence and a sentence fragment could be a sentence's length. If somebody says, "Who did that?" you could answer, "I did," and that is a sentence... but in a different scenario, that may be considered a sentence fragment. Why? Because if that sentence was all by itself, "I did," would be nonsense. What did "I" do? "I did jump," could then complete it.

A fragment sentence is a partial sentence. It does not have everything it needs to be a full sentence. For example: "The dog" is a fragment.

It is a sentence. It is a declarative sentence also because it's giving a demand.

A sentence fragment is a small part of sentence. Sentence fragments can form some meaning of the sentence.

A sentence is a fragment when you do not have a noun/pronoun and a verb.

A sentence fragment can be joined to another fragment or sentence, or the missing part (subject, predicate, object) can be supplied.

In order to not write a sentence fragment, you must always have a subject in your sentence and a predicate. For example: Fragment: Went to the movies. Sentence: I went to the movies.

A sentence fragment is a part of a sentence, such as just the subject noun, or just a verb.

This sentence is indeed a sentence fragment because it fails to have a subject.

It is a fragment because a sentence is like I will go to the vet.

A sentence fragment is an incomplete sentence. A complete sentence requires at least a subject and verb. A sentence fragment is missing one of these.

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