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What is the difference between a tear tattoo under the left eye and one under the right eye?

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I will try and answer this.. I am not sure which goes where but one is for tribute to a friend or family and the other is for taking a life of a rival,but please don't quote me on this I was also given that explanation for the placement of a teardrop tattoo, by a young Vietnamese man that used to do my nails. If you are still unsure, you might try calling a few local tattoo parlors and ask them for the proper interpretation.

2006-07-28 12:45:19
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What if someone has a teardrop tattoo under right eye?

If someone has a teardrop tattoo under their right eye, it means that they were sad at one time. The tattoo could represent someone dear that they lost by death.

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What does a cross tattoo under the right eye symbolize?

The tear drop tattoo is used by some prisoners who have committed murder. The cross tattoo under the right eye is similar, but is specific to white supremacists / neo-Nazis You murdered someone its a British skinhead tattoo but im not sure what it means. No that's a tear drop All Above Answers Are Tear Drops But A Cross Means "New Life"

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What does a teardrop tattoo means under your eye?

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