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What is the difference between a vampire and a werewolf?

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What is the difference between Jacob and Edward'?

Edward is a vampire & Jacob is a werewolf.

Difference Between Vampire and werewolf?

werewolves are half man half wolf & vampires are half man half bat

Can a vampire die if it drinks the blood of a werewolf?

No just turn into a werewolf. if I was a werewolf i would never let it drink my blood

What is it called when a werewolf and vampire have a child?

a Lycan or a Vampire-Werewolf hybrid

What can the child of a vampire and werewolf do?

They are known as a hybrid and they can do anything that a vampire or werewolf can do.

What would happen if a werewolf would be bitten by a vampire while the werewolf is in human form?

Vampires and werewolf are NOT real so it doesn't make any difference.

What is scarier a werewolf or a vampire?


What are good Werewolf vs vampire games?

Vampire vs. Werewolf: The Game

Is Emily Haddington a werewolf?

She Is A Werewolf and a vampire

What if you are a vampire and your sister is a werewolf?

she is your step sister or one of your parents is a werewolf and the other is a vampire

What happens when a werewolf bites a vampire?

the same thing happens if a werewolf scratches the vampire - the vampire turns into a mortal and loses his/her vampire powers !

Can you become a vampire or werewolf in aqworlds?

Yes, there is a vampire armour, and a werewolf head morph. I think there is even a vampire class.

Who came first vampire or werewolf?


Can you be a vampire and a werewolf?

Yes because your bloodline can be a werewolf bloodline and you could been turned into a vampire.

Can a vampire bite kill a werewolf?

If a werewolf bite can kill a vampire, then a vampire bite can kill a werewolf. The prevalent mythology is that werewolves are immune to injury except if it is caused by silver (such as a silver bullet), which would suggest that a vampire bite would not kill a werewolf.

What is the mix of a vampire and a werewolf called?

A mix of a werewolf and a vampire is known as a hybrid. I've researched and this mix is known as a hybrid vampire.

Can a werewolf become a vampire?

Sort of, If A werewolf is bitten, in some folklore, they die, and in others they become hybrids, Half vampire, half werewolf.

What do you call half werewolf half vampire?

You call a half werewolf and half vampire a Hybrid.

What is the difference between a werewolf and a wolfman?

Isn't wolf-man another word for werewolf? The Wolfman is an urban legend and he is a werewolf.

What is better being vampire or werewolf in elder scrolls iv oblivion?

Vampire, considering you cant be a werewolf in this one, even if you could Vampire.

Is Edward Cullen a vampire or werewolf?

... Vampire. o.o;

Is the baby in breaking dawn a vampire or werewolf?


Which is better in Skyrim a werewolf or a vampire?

No contest vampire.

What happens when a werewolf scratches a vampire?

If a werewolf scratches a vampire, the vampire becomes mortal and begins to look their age.

How do you make werewolf on Doodle God?

Beast + Vampire = Werewolf