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The agency is the business and the agent is a person.

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2009-01-26 01:39:19
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Q: What is the difference between an independent insurance agency and an independent insurance agent?
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What is the difference between an independent executive agency and an independent regulatory agency?

The executive agency would be in charge of running the whole program. The regulatory agency would make sure all laws and rules are followed.

Where and how do you get insurance if your homeowners insurance is cancelled?

Contact a local independent insurance agency for possible insurer's for your risk.

What does Standard Insurance specialize in?

Standard Insurance is an independent insurance agency specializes in automobile insurance, providing coverage for various situation at affordable rates.

What type of insurance does an independent massage therapist need when working in a building paying lease?

Liability insurance is provided either by joining a professional organization, like the AMTA, or by an independent insurance agency.

What are some services that Capital Insurance provides?

Capital Insurance provides personal insurance, business insurance, professional liability, and bonds. This insurance company is an independent insurance agency.

How can I start my own business insurance agency?

First you decide if you want to be a captive agency(selling mostly one kind of insurance) or an independent agency. Then you have to get liscensing, training, experience, and begin building a client base.

How could one get insurance from Explorer?

Explorer provides auto insurance in California. You can only get an insurance through an independent agency. To find a suitable agency, go to their website and enter your Zip Code into the search box.

What services does the West Insurance company offer to homeowners?

The West Insurance company is an independent insurance agency that provides insurance on homes. They offer services to the house by insuring the garage as well.

How much does an insurance agency owner make?

An insurance agency owner makes between 50,000 and 150,000 dollars a year. This varies depending on how large the agency is and how many employees they have.

What type of company is Complete Coverage Insurance?

Complete Coverage Insurance is the type of company referred to as an independent insurance agency. They provide insurance coverage for automobile, home, health, business and life.

When was Solo auto insurance founded?

Solo Auto Insurance is an independent auto insurance agency that represents multiple carriers. They offer vehicle insurance and personal insurance. There is no information online that describes when the company was founded.

What is the difference between sale of goods contract and agency?

the main distinction between sale&agency contract?

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