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Q: What is the difference between atmosphere pressure and water pressure?
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Is there a difference between water pressure and air pressure when it comes to popping a balloon?


Does vapour pressure include the partial pressure of water vapour in the atmosphere during boiling process?

The partial pressure of water (vapor) is included in the total pressure of the atmosphere (air) when boiling.

What is the difference between boiling water and decomposing water?

when vapour pressure>/ = atmospheric pressure then called boiling. sepration of water in hydrogen and oxygen is called decomposition.

What is the difference between kelvin and centigrade?

Both are measures of temperature. Both have 100 Degrees between the freezing point and melting point of pure water at 1 atmosphere of pressure but the difference lies in the value of 0k and 0c. Zero centigrade is the freezing temperature of pure water where as Zero Kelvin is Absolute Zero, which is -273 Degrees Centigrade. Therefore water freezes at 273 Degrees Kelvin and 0 Degrees Centigrade. Water therefore boils at 373 Degrees Kelvin but 100 degrees Centigrade. (All assuming one standard atmosphere of pressure.)

What is the difference between desalination and the water cycle?

Water cycle helps in regulating water in atmosphere. Desalination helps in removal of salts.

What is the difference between nitrogen and carbon cycles?

The cycling of carbon between the atmosphere, land, water, and organisms. But the nitrogen is between the environment and organisms.

Water pressure can be measured in PSI is ther any other way?

Yes, there are many ways to measure pressure. * pascal (Pa) * bar * technical atmosphere (at) * atmosphere (atm) * torr (Torr) * pound-force per square inch (psi) * psia (pounds-force per square inch absolute) --- gauge pressure plus local atmospheric pressure. * psid (psi difference) --- difference between two pressures. * psig (pounds-force per square inch gauge). * psivg (psi vented gauge) --- difference between the measuring point and the local pressure. * psisg (psi sealed gauge) --- difference between a chamber of air sealed at atmospheric pressure and the pressure at the measuring point. Check out the links for MUCH more information.

What does barometric pressure have to do with evaporation?

Above the surface of liquid water is a layer of water vapor. It has pressure. The atmosphere also has pressure. It pushes against the water vapor. The water vapor pushes against the atmosphere. It is called vapor pressure. It is related to temperature. When the vapor pressure equals barometric pressure, water boils. Normally this occurs at 100C or 212F. If you reduce the barometric pressure, you can reduce the boiling point of water. So when the barometric pressure is lower, the water vapor above the water has an easier time mixing with the atmosphere. As it mixes with the atmosphere, it is replaced by vapor from the water. It evaporates.

What is the origin of upthrust in fluid?

The difference in pressure between the top and bottom of the object.

What is the difference between the oceans and atmosphere?

The oceans are made primarily of liquid water. The atmosphere is made primarily of a mixture of gaseous Oxygen (20%) and Nitrogen (80%).

What is the difference between water pressure and air pressure to burst silicon radiator hose?

It will be the same pressure that burst the silicon radiator hose whether you use water or air to burst it. The difference is probably the hose is designed for use with pressured water or use with compressed air.

What is the difference between artesian basin and artesian wells?

The difference between an artesian basin and artesian wells is that the basin keeps the water contained underground and the well has water in it that rises under its own pressure.