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the first is spelt wrong

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fair in complexion

of in light color

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What is the difference between blond and brown dye?

One will dye your hair blonde and one will dye your hair brown.

Do you spell the word blond or blonde?

When using the word as a noun, blond or blonde is gender specific. Blond is a male, but blonde is a female. When using the word as an adjective, it is always blond.

Do you spell blond with a E or not?

'Blondey' is spelled 'Blonde' and 'Blond' is spelled 'Blond'.

What is the masculine of blond?

In french ? Feminine = Blonde - Masculine = Blond

Whatโ€™s the difference between โ€œblondโ€ and โ€œblondeโ€?

Remember foreign language classes? The masculine and feminine forms of words? Well, because the word came from French in the 17th century, that’s exactly what we’re dealing with: blonde is the feminine form of the noun, and blond is the masculine form.So, adhering to that rule, a blonde is a woman with fair hair and a blond is a man with fair hair.This seems dumb. It is. Here’s a way around it: Don’t call people their hair color. “Blond” is the more common spelling of the adjective—for example, “that person has blond hair”—and, especially in the United States, can be used to describe anyone’s hair, regardless of their gender.

What is a femine of blond?


What is a blond?

A blond is a person, especially a male, with blond hair, as opposed to a blonde female.

Is there a difference between Dark Blonde and Dirty Blonde or are they the same thing?

There is a difference, dark blonde has brown tones in it and dirty blonde has ash tones in it.

How do you say blond hair in french?

Blond for a man, Blonde for a woman.

How do you spell blond as in blond hair?

Blond": refers to as the color, whether it is blond hair or blond paper eg. The man has blond hair. Blonde": is used as a noun for a woman or girl with blond hair; sometimes used in a sexist way or slang terms eg. That blonde is beautiful.

Is Taylor Swift truly blonde?

Yes, she truly is a blonde/blond.

How do you say blonde in German?


Is Adele blond?

Adele is blonde.

Is blond an adjective?

Yes, it is. The word blond means having light-colored hair, as does the female version, blonde. Either word can also be a noun, for a blond or blonde person.

Does the word blonde have a short o sound?

Yes, it rhymes with pond. Blonde and blond are pronounced the same way. "Blonde" is a noun to describe a woman -- "Marilyn Monroe was a famous blonde." "Blond" is an adjective for either sex -- "Daniel Craig is the first blond Bond": "Marilyn Monroe was born brunette but dyed her hair blond."

What is a blond shade?

You mean like light blonde, dirty blonde, medium ash blonde?

How do you spell blond?

There are separate spellings by gender : males are blondand females are blonde.

Is jenette mccurdy hair blonde?

She is either golden blond or dirty blond

How do you say blond goddess in German?

Blond goddess in German is Blonde Göttin.

Is there such thing as a blonde wolf?

Yes there is a golden blond one not bleach blond.

How do you say blonde in French?

'blonde' (fem.) or 'blond' (masc.). When pronouncing the masculine 'blond', the final 'd' is muted, whereas the feminine 'blonde' is pronounced much in the way English speakers do.

What blond hair in German?

Blonde haare.

What is the movie with a blond actress?

legally blonde

What is the differences between platinum blond and blond?

Platinum blonde is like a pure yellow almost white color. it usually looks like it has been bleached and blonde is all the other blondes more golden or dirty or just darker

How do you say long blonde hair in french?

blonde means blond(e) in french.