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What’s the difference between “blond” and “blonde”?

I’m constantly spelling it either way with no understanding of what the difference is.

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Doris Carter
March 03, 2020 4:29PM

Remember foreign language classes? The masculine and feminine forms of words? Well, because the word came from French in the 17th century, that’s exactly what we’re dealing with: blonde is the feminine form of the noun, and blond is the masculine form.

So, adhering to that rule, a blonde is a woman with fair hair and a blond is a man with fair hair.

This seems dumb. It is. Here’s a way around it: Don’t call people their hair color. “Blond” is the more common spelling of the adjective—for example, “that person has blond hair”—and, especially in the United States, can be used to describe anyone’s hair, regardless of their gender.

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Ava Craft
March 09, 2020 11:49PM

'Blond' Versus 'Blonde'

The word originally came into English from Old French, where it has masculine and feminine forms. As an English noun, it kept those two forms; thus, a blond is a fair-haired male, and a blonde is a fair-haired female.

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Julia M.
March 17, 2020 2:24PM

These words come from French. Now, you probably know that French, like most other languages, has masculine and feminine forms of words. So, typically, "blond" is used when a male has BLOND hair, and "blonde" is used when a female has BLONDE hair. Hopefully that helped!

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Brooke Hart Cullom
March 11, 2020 12:27AM

People in different places spell it differently, but in America and Australia, they spell it blonde, which originated from Italy.

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Antonio Cruz
March 10, 2020 11:20PM

No, because there is an "e" at the end of "blonde" but not in "blond".

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Charles Womack
March 16, 2020 7:01PM

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K Roo
March 10, 2020 6:39PM

blond is when your hair is yellowish and blonde is the french way of saying this!

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Ava Gibbs
March 10, 2020 2:00PM

Blond is a hair color

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Malayha Nalley
March 10, 2020 1:25AM

The difference is: As an adjective blond is of a bleached or pale golden (light yellowish) color.

As a verb blond is to color or dye blond.

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zachary dominguez
March 09, 2020 3:28PM