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Fertilization is the union of of human egg and sperm cells.

It is uncertain exactly what people may mean by conception. Conception may mean the same as fertilization or it may mean point where the connection is made to the walls of the womb by the zygote. The word does not have a hard definition as it is a debate point between the Pro-Life and Pro-Choice factions about exactly when life begins.


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Fertilization happens sooner than conception. Conception means 'to get pregnant", so females get pregnant after fertilization.

Generally, apomixis is reproduction in plant life without fertilization.The correct spelling is parthenogenesis and generally refers to human conception without fertilization by a man.

Conception, fertilization, or pollination are all acceptable.

Conception happens when a fertilized egg embeds itself onto the maternal endometrium, in the womb. This is distinct from fertilization, which happens when a sperm cell makes its way into the egg. There is some period of time between fertilization and conception.

Fertilization is when the egg cell and sperm cell come together. Conception is when the fertilized egg cell embeds itself in the placenta.

the difrence is that they dont have a pollinatoin

fertilization is the fusion of male n female gamates whereas amphimixis is the mixing up of their chromosomes.

A bud forms on the adults body,it slowly develops into a new animal.A fertilization are not as simalar to their parents

The embryonic period occurs from the beginning of fertilization to about the 8th week after conception

Pollination is the transfer of pollen from an anther to a stigma. Fertilization is the fusion of haploid nuclei. This i believe is the right answer

pollination means:when pollen lands on a flower stigma. fertilization means:when a male cell joins with a flower cell.

A conception is something that is conceived. It can also refer to biological fertilization. "Bob's conception to retire early was to bet all of his savings on the Super Bowl."

the difference is, fertilization is when you want something to grow and you put fertalizer down (it most likely would be on grass) and implantation when you are growing something or you are moving a plant or something like that. :)

Isn't teenage pregnancy actually when the girl carries the baby for nine months, and teenage conception just the same as any other conception, when they have sex?

Pregnancy is the process of carrying a fetus for nine months. Birth is the process of delivering a baby. Conception is when the egg is fertilized.

No, usually the spotting is due to ovulation, not conception.

John Travolta. Anyone heard of in- vitro fertilization.? The conception does not depend upon actual sexual activity between two people.

Pollination is the spreading of pollen from the male to the female part of a flower. Fertilization is the sperm and egg joining to form a zygote and occurs in animals.

Conception is an imprecise term that can be used interchangeably with fertilization, or it can refer to the process when the zygote/embryo becomes embedded in the placenta, some time after fertilization.

Carl Wood has written: 'Test-tube conception' -- subject(s): Fertilization invitro, Human, Human Fertilization in vitro

Fertilization of the egg occurs in the fallopian tube. The embryo will grow in the uterus.

Conception is the point at which the sperm and egg meet also known as fertilisation. Implantation is when the fertilised egg reaches the uterus and implants into the lining of the uterus.

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