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What is the difference between database administrator and database analyst?

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A database administrator is the person who is responsible for keeping a database up to date and running. There responsibilities include: writing and applying scripts to update the database, keeping the database running 24/7, and backing up the database. A database analyst is a person who looks at a database from a higher level. That person would look at the database design and recommend additions for new projects and design the tables and relationships to meet needs. Then the administrator would make the changes in the database.

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What is the difference between database and database administrator?

Database is the data stored in the server and Database administrator is the person who designs the database.

What is the difference between database analyst and data analyst designation?

A database analyst is a person who performs data evaluation tasks. Data analyst designation is a certification that identifies the person as an analyst who can integrate the ACL data analysis technology into the business financial fields.

What is the difference between database administrator and database manager?

An administrator can manage, create, delete and update a database. The manager can just update and manage (complete fields). He can't create or delete database. I am a database administrator. An Administrator takes care of the database--having privileges to do anything to a database. Create objects, delete objects, drop objects. A Database Manager is a supervisor over the Database Administrator. Usually a database manager does not know the specifics of an administrator position--but must have high level knowledge of how a database works. That is not to be confused with the database manager that is the non-human engine for the database that provides authorization control, makes integrity checks, and commands the processor.

What is the difference between oracle and oracle dba?

Oracle is one of the popular database and DBA (DataBase Administrator) is the person who maintain the database (install oracle software, create,setup,maintain database)

What is the the difference between database and non-database system?

difference between database and non database

Difference between database administrator and system administrator?

A System Administrator is generically responsible for all parts of the computer network, such as user accounts, computer accounts, domain trusts, email accounts, etc. The System Administrator is probably specialized in the network server operating systems and user administration. A Database Administrator would deal specifically and in depth with all aspects of one or more databases. The Database Administrator will be highly specialized with the specific database server and client software.

What is the difference between a financial manager and a financial analyst?

Are there any difference between financial Management analyst and financial analyst? Series or job PD.

What are the difference between hierarchical database and network database?

what is the difference between hirarchical,network and relational database model?

What are the differences between a data administrator and a database administrator?

Depending on the company, they could be the same. But, if they are different, here is the difference:A data administrator is one who oversees the data integrity of the database. They do not create objects and they may not have privileges to do anything other than "view" the data and report any data discrepencies to the database administrator(one who administers the entire database). The data administrator can check data in the tables to make sure there are no errors, can check to see if tables that need an index have one, are all programs valid--stuff like that. The database administrator is usually busy with fixing problems, creating tablespaces, tables, looking at error messages.

What is the difference between analyst and tester?

analyst don't have the answer of project but tester have the answer of project or queston .

What is the difference between analyst and analyzer?

An analyst is a person who analyzes things. An analyzer is a machine the analyst uses to perform his or her analyses.

What is Difference between real time database and simple database?

the difference is about the transactions. the normal database is not included deadline, but the real time database is.

Difference between conventional OS and database OS?

the difference between database operating system and conventional operating system

What is the difference between database and datastore?

It is a collection tables that is stored in a database

What is the difference between administrator and administrators?

Administrators is a group of administrator administrator is a user ans cab be a part of administrators group

What is the difference between a secretary and an administrator?

An Administrator manages paperwork, whilst a secretary deals with paperwork.

Difference between database and relational database?

A relational database is a type of database, so in one sense there is no difference. There are various kinds of database. A relational database is one type. Others include network and hierarchical.

What is the difference between record and database?

A database is composed of one or more records.

What is the Difference between a database and a database server?

A database is a file. A database server is a computer that shares that file over a network.

What are difference between cache database and sql database?

CACHE is multidimensional and postconsonantal database and its supporting scripting

Can any one please tell me the difference between database management and data warehousing in brief?

Database management involves designing the actual tables in a database and making sure that the database is up and running smoothly. This is performed by a database administrator (DBA). Data warehousing involves storing data in a database. The DBA designed the database, but someone else (or a program that someone else is running) is actually inserting the data into the database.

What is the difference between root in unix and administrator in Windows?

They are both administrator accounts and have privileges to do anything on the system.

What is the difference between data analyst and research analyst?

Research Analyst : search for the topic and gather data that are 100 % relavent and useful Data Analyst: Shortlisting accurate information form the research data

What is the difference between database management and documents management systems?

differences between document management and database technology

Difference between flat file and database file?

DATABASE FILE - is one that is stored on a server and it is in the format that the database needs to read it. It is stored in the database catalog......