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Well, efficacy is whether it works or not... whether it has that capacity. Efficiency is not whether it works, but how well it works... how quickly, how many people have to be involved, etc. If you cut down the amount of time it takes or the amount of workers it takes, then you are improving efficiency.

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AnswerEfficacy is defined as 'that which brings about the desired result'.

Efficiency, in engineering terms, is defined as 'the ratio of a machine's output power to input power.

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What is the difference between efficacy and evaluate?


Difference between efficacy and effectiveness?

Efficacy is the capacity to produce an effect. It is these conditions that distinguish efficacy from the related concept of effectiveness, which relates to change under real-life conditions. -- Wikipedia: "efficacy"

What is the difference between allocative and technical efficiency?

no difference

What is the difference between efficacy and effectiveness?

Efficacy simply describes if something does what it's intended to do. Effectiveness, on the other hand, describes how well that something does what it's supposed to do.

What is another word for energy conversion?

application, effectiveness, efficacy, efficiency, endurance

Difference between mechanical advantage and efficiency?

Mechanical advantage is a ratio of forces. Efficiency is a ratio of powers.

Difference between technical efficiency and economic efficiency?

technical efficiency is related to change in output due to change in input and economic efficiency refers to a number of related concepts.

What is the difference between 8086 and 186 Pentium microprocessor in terms of efficiency?


Difference between eff1 and eff 2 motors?

EFF1 is a high efficiency motor. EFF2 is a standard efficiency motor.

What is the difference between internal and external efficacy?

Internal Efficacy is one's confidence in their abilities to understand and influence political events. Not to be confused with External Efficacy which is the belief that the governmental system will respond to the citizens, in turn giving them more trust in the What_is_internal_efficacy.

What is the difference between energy efficiency and energy conservation?

it uses different watts

Is there a difference in cleaning efficiency between a canister vacuum and a broom-style vacuum?

No, the efficiency lies in the suction and brush types.

Difference between capacity and efficiency?

Capacity is available space in which a product can be produced. Efficiency relates to time to produce including added labor.

What is the difference between high efficiency dryer combos and regular dryers?

The efficiency driers use lss energy and put out less exauhst

What is difference between effectiveness and efficiency?

Effectiveness is all about getting the job done expeditiously. Efficiency is all about saving energy, time or material.

What is the difference between efficacy and potency of a drug?

Potency is the relationship between the the dose of a drug and the therapeutic effect. It refers to the drug's strength. A drug is considered potent when a small amount of the drug achieves the intended effect. Efficacy is the ability of a drug to produce the desired therapeutic effect. Efficacy means that the drug is effective. When comparing two drugs that work equally, the one with the lower dose has a higher potency. They have equal efficacy

What is the difference between self efficacy and self mastery?

Self efficacy: a person's belief in their own competence. Self mastery: the ability to make the most out of your physical, mental, and spiritual health or otherwise know as self control

How many watts to a lumen?

The ratio of lumens to watts is termed the 'efficacy' (note, this is not the same thing as 'efficiency') of a lamp. The efficacy of a lamp depends on the type of lamp: for example, incandescent lamps have low values of efficacy, whereas others, such as fluorescent lamps have much higher values. You need to check the internet to determine the efficacy for the type of lamp you have in mind.

What is the difference between effectively and efficiency?

effectively is an adverb. It means the action had an effect, a result. efficiency is a noun. It is the measure of how little energy is wasted when work is done.

What is difference between inverse agonist and antagonist?

Hi friends before going to discuss about inverse agonist and antagonist i would like to introduce two terms namely AFFINITY & EFFICACY. affinity is the ability of a molecule to bind to the receptor and Efficacy is the ability to produce pharmacological response. Inverse agonist and antagonist both have affinity but differs in Efficacy aspect. Efficacy of inverse agonist is less than zero and efficacy of antagonist was zoro. Regards Jagadeesh Induri

What is the difference between exercise efficiency and exercise economy?

Efficiency=mech Power/ metabolic power Economy is relative to Body weight and at a set speed. Skill dependent.

What is the difference between mechanical advantage and Efficiency?

Mechanical Advantage is the number of times a machine increases the input force. Efficiency is the ratio of output work to input work.

What is difference between reversible machine and self locking machine?

Self locking machine has efficiency less than 50% but reversible machines has efficiency more than 50%

What is the difference between Efficiency and Coefficient of Performance?

efficiency is capacity of engine to produce power from fuel supplied while cop is how effectively energy is used to obtain the desired effect

What is the difference between administrative theory and scientific management theory?

Administrative theory focuses on humans and their behavior instead of worker efficiency. Science theory focuses on the efficiency of the workforce.