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What is the difference between fear and respect?

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Some abusive people can obtain respect (twisted respect) by dishing out fear. That's the only connection.

Normally fear of a person or persons is not respect, but simply fear itself (bodily harm.) Respect is earned and it's when someone treats you like a human being with kindness, love and affection along with trust and honor that you respect that person.

==Further Point==

Respect involves regard for moral worth. There are people I may disagree with but look up to as decent and principled and so on. People who are feared for their violence and brutality are morally contemptible - that is, morally low.

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What is the difference between respect and obedience?

There is a big difference between respect and obedience. Obedience means that a person follows the orders given to them, often out of fear. Respect means that a person is willing to follow orders because they care about the person giving them, and they want to be helpful and reciprocate that good energy.

What is the difference between fear and afraid?

Fear is a noun. "I have a fear." Afraid is an adjective. "I am afraid."

Are grizzly bears the most feared bears?

The answer is based on perception. While one person may fear black bears the most, another may fear grizzly or polar bears. It depends on where you live and what species of bear you are exposed to and what your background and experience are. I live in an area that has both black and grizzly bears and although I do not fear them, I definetly respect them. There is a difference between fear and respect.

What is the difference between fear and apprehension?


What is the difference between theophobia and deiophobia?

fear of religion,fear of god(s)

What is the difference between panic and fear?

stupid people are

What is the meaning of respect begets respect?

it means that respect others and you will gain respect back. P.S. - Please also see: what is the difference between Ejjat and respect?respect vs ego

Where you can get the game Fear and Respect when you can not find it in any stores?

The Fear and Respect game was cancelled in 2006.

What is the difference between agoraphobia and claustrophobia?

agoraphobia is the fear of open spaces, claustrophobia is the fear of closed spac

What is difference between nervousness and fear?

Fear is being scared or worried where as nervousness is more excitement or anticipation.

What is difference between ego and self respect?

Ego is imposing the selfness on others and self respect is protecting your selfness.

Meaning of respect?

The true meaning of respect is treating somone in a way in which they react=•= P.S. - Please also see: what is the difference between Ejjat and respect?

What is the difference between honor and respect in Hebrew?

There is no difference in Hebrew. Both words can be translated into the word כבוד (kavod).

What is the relationship between fear and anxiety?

Not really a difference..anxiety is mostly a racing thought process caused by fear..

What is difference between fear and frighten?

Fear is an emotion "I fear you" Frighten is to cause someone to feel the emotion fear. "Do I frighten you?" = "Do I cause you to feel fear?" "Yes you frighten me" = "Yes, you cause me to feel fear"

What is the difference between fear and phobia?

Fear can be overcome in an emergency , phobias are unreasonable fears that will freeze you like a deer in the headlights.

What is the difference between xenophobia and homophobia?

Xenophobia is the hatred or fear of foreigners or strangers. Homophobia is the hatred or fear of lesbians or gays.

How to respect to the authority?

Respect is earned not given. You can make the hearts of men fear you but you can't make them respect you.

What is the true meaning of respect?

The true meaning of respect is respecting yourself as well as everyone around you, I learned that the hard way. P.S. - Please also see: What is the difference between self-respect and respect?

What the difference between AC and DC?

AC rises with respect to time but DC is steady.

What is the difference between scared and respect?

when you are scared you are afraid, but respect mean you will obey someone, if these meaning do not help you then go to the dictionary to look at the meanings

What is the difference between cold fear and hot fear?

Cold fear might refer to a book from Rick Mofina. Additionally there is a XBox game available with that name. Unfortunately there is no relationship to "hot fear".

How do you fear god?

Respect Him and follow His laws.

What word means respect out of fear?


What does fear the Lord mean in the Bible?