What is the difference between jaguars cheetahs and leopards?

Jaguars and leopards are almost the same family, but jaguars are in South and Central America and Mexico, and leopards are in Africa, Asia, china, and India. Cheetahs are a different family. Cheetahs are day animals as well, jaguars and leopards are night animals. The Cheetahs rear legs are also longer and it's spine is more supple, allowing it's stride to go up to 23 feet (that is part of why it is so fast). It's claws do not fully retract like the jaguar and leopard which enables it to have better grip so again, it can run faster. Jaguars and Leopards are far more powerful however, they can behead a victim with one swipe of the claw. They are lone hunters like the Cheetah, but their strength far outweighs that of the Cheetah. They have over 500 voluntary muscles they can use at will.

CHEETAH - Cheetah's have a rangy grey hound like thinner body frame with deep chest and narrow waist. Cheetah's have evenly spread spots and only cheetah's have black "tears lines" running from the corner of their both eyes down to their mouth. Cheetah's are the fastest running land animal, although the fastest and highest flying bird is the peregrine falcon, anyway cheetah's have a longer hind legs and suppler spine, allowing its stride to go up to 23 feet. It claws do not fully retract which enables it to have a better ground-grip in its high speed pursuits which can reach 112 to 120 km ph. (70-75 mph) in short bursts. Though they are champion of speed, but at the same time they lack the claw grip which other cats have while seizing the prey. This also makes cheetah's unable to climb trees like the leopard and jaguars do. However, they are often seen sitting on the lower branches of trees where they reach by jumping off the ground. They sometimes live alone but over half of observed cheetahs hunt in groups of two or three. They cannot roar they can purr as they inhale cheetahs are not known for attacking people or man-eating. They like to live mainly in an open biotope such as semi-desert savannah grasslands and thick brush like the lions.

LEOPARD - Leopards are larger and much more muscular as compared to cheetahs but slightly smaller and more built but if compared with the jaguars. Leopards normally have smaller and rounder rosettes than those of the Jaguars. For them trees are real safe haven. During the day they usually rest on the branches so that other big cats like the lions and tigers cannot disturb them. They stalk their prey silently and at the last moment pounce upon it, grab the throat and strangle it with a quick an powerful bite. Leopards power is such it can carry the victim up to three times its own weight to the tree. It is the only big cat known to carry dead prey up onto a tree. Unlike the cheetah and Jaguar, leopards may target human as prey in special situations. Leopards live only in Africa, Asia and India.

JAGUAR - Jaguars are the third largest feline after the lion and tiger. This Panthera is the only species found in the Americas. A Jaguar has a large black spot within its rosette; a leopard does not. This animal as the strongest bite of all felids. It is capable of biting down with 2,000 lb. (8,900 N) force, which is twice the strength of a lion and the second powerful of all mammals only after the spotted Hyena. It allows the Jaguar to pierce turtle shells. The strength of the cat is such that an individual can drag a 360 kg bull in its Jaws and crush the strongest bones. Jaguars unlike other big cats prefer to kill by piercing their teeth through the temple instead of the throat, it bites directly through the skull of its prey between the ears to deliver a fatal blow to the brain, unlike leopards Jaguars have not developed man-eating tendencies'. Jaguars live only in the New western world the Jaguar is also aquatic because of the terrain in that part of the world.