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What is the difference between monotheistic and polytheistic individuals?


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November 27, 2008 12:57AM

An individual who is polytheistic worships many gods, giving equal weight to the worship of each one. It is common in this particular form of worship to have a "father" god, a "mother" god and assorted familial relationships within the unit. Ancient religions such as those practiced in Greece and Rome were polytheistic. The theory behind this type of worship is that each god controls a certain aspect that is beyond a person's control, but not beyond the god's control. Thus we have Mercury, for example, controlling healing and swiftness in the Roman pantheon. The monotheist worships one god, period. In his worship, there is only one deity, generally named directly. Various religions have named this one primary deity in their own language. This god rules over all aspects of creation, and will usually have a set of rules that pertain to the religion. Examples of polytheistic worship today is Hinduism and Shintoism. Examples of monotheistic worship today is Christianity, Judaism, and Islam.