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About $500. In 1964, the bean counters took over at Winchester so more attention was given to maximizing profits and less to providing a superior product. Two of the same model made a year apart will be of noticably different quality.

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Q: What is the difference between pre-1964 Winchester Model 70s and post-1964?
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What is the difference between a pre1964 action and a post1964 action on a Winchester model 70 rifle?

The biggest difference is that Winchester went from a controlled round feed(Mauser type) to a push pull feed(with out the mauser claw)type of feed action.this was done to cut the cost of production.This system is still in use today,but over time Winchester and other gun manufacturers have learned that there is still a great demand for the original controlled round feed of the mauser design.Especially with dangerous game chambered firearms.

What is the weight of a pre1964 US quarter?

From 1873 to 1964. U.S. quarters have the same weight of 6.25 grams.

How much are pre1964 coins worth?

You have 8 mints and 170 years worth of coins to pick from, so that's a wildly broad question. Pennies and nickels back to the 1940s are pretty much worth face value to a few cents more, assuming you found them in change. Dimes, quarters, halves, and dollars are worth at least 10 times face value just for their silver content. However, some can be worth much more as collectibles. You need to know the coins' specific dates and mint marks to be able to tell. The two sites linked below can be a big help. CoinFacts shows the location of mint marks for almost every U.S. coin ever made. Numismedia FMV lists the fair market value of U.S. coins by date, condition, and mint mark.

What is the difference between a Winchester 70 and a Winchester 70 featherlight?

about 2 pounds

What is the difference between a winchester 67 an a winchester 67 smooth bore?

The 67 has a rifled bore, the 67 smoothbore does not.

What is the difference between Winchester 94 and the ranger?

Mainly the wood and finish

What is the difference between Winchester 30 30 and Winchester 44 mag?

One is a rifle round, the other is a pistol round.

What is the difference between a Mod 62 and a Mod 62A Winchester?

A change in the breech bolt mechanism.

What is the mechanical difference between a pre-64 Winchester model 1892 and a pre-64 Winchester model 1894?

None. You can interchange all parts.

Is there a difference between a long and short action bolt Winchester model 70?

Yes, the length of the action.

What is the difference between a Winchester model 94 ae and a Winchester model 94 in .444 caliber?

AE=angled ejection, the other one will eject straight up.

Is a model 90 Winchester octagonal rifle barrel more valuable than a round barrel?

In this model of Winchester rifle,there is no difference in value between the round or octagon barrel.

What is the difference between a Winchester 94 and a 94E?

What you might have is a angle eject, compared to the regular straight up and out eject.

Whats the difference between pre-64 and post-64 on a Winchester 94?

manufacturing changes.

What is the difference between a standard and deluxe version of a Winchester model 64 rifle?

Mainly wood and fit/finish

What is difference between Winchester rifle model 75 sporter and target?

Its the length of the barrel. 24 for a sport and 28 for a target.

What is the halfway point between Nottingham and Winchester UK?

Evenley is halfway in a straight line between Winchester and Nottingham

Where is halfway between Chattanooga TN and Winchester VA?

Glen Burke, Virginia is halfway between Chattanooga & Winchester

How do you tell the difference between a Winchester 1866 and a Winchester 1873?

The 1866 has a shiny brass frame earning it the nickname "yellow boy". The 1873 and newer have sturdier steel frames capable of handling more powerful loads.

What is the manufacture date of a winchester model 770 serial number G945139?

Your winchester model 770 was made by winchester between 1969-1971.

When was the Winchester ranger 30-30 made?

the Winchester ranger was made between 1985-2006.

What is the distance between harpers ferry and Winchester?

The distance between Harper's Ferry and Winchester is about 30 miles. The estimated time that this drive will take is about 40 minutes.

What caliber is your Winchester serial 325645?

The caliber of your Winchester should be plainly marked on the firearm.You do not say whether you have a shotgun or rifle?This may make a difference.

What is the value of Winchester model 37A 410ga?

These inexpensive Winchester shotguns are selling for between 55-140 dollars.

When was the Winchester made in?

Sometime between 1866 and this morning. The Winchester company started making rifles then, and still does so.