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Seals and sea lions are marine mammals called 'pinnipeds' that differ in physical characteristics and adaptations. Sea lions (left) are brown, bark loudly, "walk" on land using their large flippers and have visible ear flaps. Seals have small flippers, wriggle on their bellies on land, and lack visible ear flaps.

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Q: What is the difference between seals and sea lions?
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What is the difference between a harbor seal and a sea lion?

Sea lions have external ears and seals do not.

What is the difference between a seal and a sea lion?

AnswerA sea lion has external earflaps, while seals have internal ears. Sea lions can pivot their hind flippers to walk on land, but seals cannot. Sea lions propel with their front flippers and steer with the back, but seals are opposite of this.

Do seals or sea lions live in Jamaica?

Seals and sea lions do not live in Jamaica.

Do seals or sea lions have the earlobes?

Sea lions have earlobes, but seals have ears without lobes.

Are seals bigger than sea lions?

Yes seals are bigger than sea lions

Do seals bark?

Sea Lions do, and so do seals..:)

Do sea lions hunt seals?

Sea lions occasionally kill and eat other seals, but their regular diet is fish.

What are young seals and sea lions called?

The young of all pinnipeds (seals, sea lions, walruses etc) are called pups.

Who are relatives of seals?

Sea lions and walruses are relatives of seals.

Are there sea lions in Antarctica?

There are sea lions in Antarctica. Both sea lions and seals are able to live in the harsh climate of Antarctica.

Are there seals and sea lions in Egypt?


Are sea lions seals?


Do sea lions live by ice?

no. that is just fur seals/leopard seals ect. sea lions live in temperate, rocky areas, close to the sea.

What other mammals are related to seals?

sea lions and harp seals are related to seals

When do sea lions mate?

Sea lions mate on land (seals also mate on land)

Do seals and sea lions eat squid?


What are seals walruses and sea lions?


What are some interesting facts about sea lions?

Sea lions are often mistaken for seals. Sea lions are on the skinny side and walk on their flippers, whilst seals are on the chubby side and don't really go on land but if they do, they kind of waddle on their bellies.

Who are the weddell seals related to?

Weddell seals are related to walruses and sea lions

Does seals have gills?

yeah coz' seals and sea lions are fish aren't they

What is the difference between seals and sea otters?

sea otters have fur and otters don't

What are the different types of seals?

Normal seals,sea lions, grey seals, lion seals, ice seals,seafearers and fur seals

Where does the okapi sleep?

a walrus, sea turtles, seals, sea lions

Mammals that start with s?

Skunks, Squirrels, Seals, Sea Otters and Sea Lions

Do sea lions live on both land and water?

Yes, they do. Sea lions aren't actually true seals, and are adapted to movement on land slightly better than true seals are with hindquarters that are elevated and more easily moved by the sea lions.