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Both are serious problems which require professional help. If you or anyone you know is demonstrating that type of behavior, seek professional help immediately. Often people who cut themselves are not considered to be serious about suicide and many times people will say that it's none of their business. Unfortunately, these are often people who are "trying out" the idea of suicide, and working up the courage to follow through. It isn't really courage though, they're looking for the easy way out of a problem, whether it's personal or emotional. OCD is one problem that can cause the person to cut themselves and other depressive behavior. It's not to commit suicide, but they just want to feel something so they cut themselves. Often they will scratch themselves, cut with a razor blade, knife (mulilation) and it's usually on the arms, but can be on the stomach or upper legs. People who cut themselves are aware of the fact and try to hide all scars they have created on their body. Professional counseling will help with this. It's simply a person in anquish (for personal reasons of their own) just to feel some human emotion.

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